disappointing ending

By kristy836
Written February 16, 2014
the first part of the movie that was set in 1914 was great, but they must've run out of time or money because the last part that was set in 2014 was under-developed and i had no emotional involvement at the end.
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Very, very good movie

By chadstreit
Written February 15, 2014
This is an excellent movie. It is a very touching, emotional love story that will probably make you cry, and it has enough surprises and twists to keep you on your toes. Colin Farrell is superb and his love interest, Jessica Brown Findlay, is a new star in the making [pun completely intended; you will understand when you see the movie :-)]. Russell Crowe is spectacular as Pearly, as well. The only w parts I didn't like were Will Smith as Lucifer. It seemed like a "forced" comedic effect that didn't fit. And also, I didn't think they spent enough time developing the 2014 part of the story very well. Other than that, it made for a great Valentine's Day date with my wife.
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Everyone Should See This!

By revermac6
Written February 15, 2014
Couples will be reminded of the wonder of relationships. Dreamers will be challenged with the possibilities of the mysteries of life. And good-and-evil battle believers will be rewarded. Just a great film.
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Still believe in fary tales

By Cineasta49
Written February 17, 2014
It was lovely... Refreshing...an adult fairy tale, I still believe in romanticism and love, in spite of age and circumstances...You sould go and see it.
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Excellent Movie!!

By mikeball2001
Written February 16, 2014
I was really surprised. Not that I didn't expect a decent movie - but this was really enchanting. Great story line - great music - and just very well executed. A really cool movie that I highly recommend.
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