A Breath of Fresh Air!

By mickerose
Written October 21, 2014
Loved getting lost in magical fantasy that wasn't just about a lot of noise and action as it takes one out of the coldness reality presents at times.. The acting is so real, one can get lost in the characters as they develop; and the beauty of the setting is breathtaking. The storyline gives us a belief in a "Wish-filled" world filled with true love that we don't get to visit often in this lifetime. I'm planning on seeing it again on the big screen and want to own it to remind myself that mysticism exits! Mickerose
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Winters tale

By tdustin61
Written February 08, 2016
This movie was the biggest waste of time and money. The trailer was deceiving. Not worth wasting your time. Does not even deserve a one star rating. A double 00
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Winter's Tale/Spiritual & Symbolic

By contact802
Written April 26, 2015
The love story was endearing, special effects were good, cinematography beautiful, and acting superb. Will Smith's portrayal of Lucifer was not believable, the kiss was to much like "Snow White" and the storyline and timeline was confusing. The overall theme between good and evil was provoking, especially the symbolism of the "white horse/Rev. 19" and "light/Jn. 8:12" exemplifying miraculous power and authority over evil. “Miracles" should have been recognized as coming from the Creator of the universe, rather from the "universe" itself. Also, could anyone literally become a "star" in the sky after death? No! But symbolically yes! All those who believe on God's Son will shine as stars--Daniel 12:3 The message of spiritual warfare was very accurate: Lucifer assigns his worshippers to destroy the destiny of God’s children. Yet, God wars against His enemies so that His promises will be released to those who remain faithful in the battle!
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Spectacularly beautiful!

By rengelee1
Written May 29, 2016
A disclaimer first--my husband and I watch movies from our hearts, checking our cynicism and analyzing minds at the door, and that is the way to enjoy this movie. It is moving, deep, magical, well-acted, and mysterious. I would suggest seeing it with someone who is a romantic and allows themselves to be moved by beauty. I am lucky enough to have this with my husband, and he understood when I cried all the way out of the theater and then at home for an hour afterward. He shed a few tears himself, which I love about him. Winter's Tale reminded me of important life truths my heart knows, but which I have mostly forgotten in recent years. People without much emotional depth, or who like to nod off during the "slow parts," should probably save their money and go see something with lots of guns and zombies. This is a movie for romantics, aptly opening on Valentine's Day, although it is not a typical love story. You'll see. And you'll never look at the night sky the same way again.
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Great movie!

By ctcahill1
Written April 25, 2015
I really enjoyed it - great performances from Colin Farrel, Russel Crowe and the rest of the cast. Excellent contrast of old NYC vs current day. Time is a character in the movie and it is portrayed powerfully. I would see again.
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