so weird

By my4doggles
Written February 21, 2014
Will Smith is the devil in this film, that should be enough to explain my no... It could have been a cute love story, but they had to go and add the devil meeting with the demon - Russell Crowe. Ugh - I just don't get it. Oh well - Colin Farrell is gorgeous.
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Good Movie, No Connection with Audience

By rj_franklin
Written February 18, 2014
This was a well produced movie, but the ability for the audience to identify with any of the characters or scenarios was extremely limited or non-existent. I left the movie thinking it was good show, but I had no feelings good or bad about the story or the characters.
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Very enjoyable

By Frannewman
Written February 18, 2014
This movie was a little romance, fantasy and the pull between good and evil. Went with my girlfriends and laughed and cried. Perfect chick flick! Bonus, it's never a bad thing to see Colin Farrell topless! Russell Crowe played the demon really well! All in all very enjoyable!
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Interesting Concept

By trwinscher
Written February 15, 2014
Expected this to be one of those "Been Done Before" Flicks , but is was not. , Good Casting, interesting and somewhat original story, with a few minor gaps in the storyline. However a truly entertaining movie. Will buy it when it comes out.
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Don't listen to the reviewers!

By waterboy14
Written February 16, 2014
We saw this on Valentine's Day and enjoyed it very much. It is a fantasy and the photography and effects are just lovely. Performances are excellent and it is definitely worth seeing. Just remember in a fantasy, you have the suspend disbelief! The chemistry between the lead actors is just palpable. Love Colin Farrell!
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