A Magical Movie about Finding our Destiny!

By noonie_girl
Written September 21, 2014
This was such a wonderful surprise. I didn't know much about the movie going into it tonight, I went with a friend that wanted to go. The characters are well defined and the story is full of humor, hope and the magic of finding out why you are here, your destiny. It was truly a joy and I loved it. Great for almost anyone, people of all ages. Seriously, ignore the critics and listen to the fans. It's just awesome!
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Winter's Tale

By Neisenhart
Written September 08, 2014
A modern fable of good and evil, beauty and the magic of love. Just let yourself be absorbed by it all. Colin Farrell perfect in this role. Cynics and snarkers stay home
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Not worth your time or money.

By cschriefer
Written September 08, 2014
Went on a date last night for Valentines Day with my beautiful wife. We saw Winter's Tale. Horrible movie - save your money, your time, and your intelligence. Easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen. If it hadn't cost so much, we probably would have got up and left. You'd think with the cast it would be good, but no. Everyone did their part, but in the new movie tradition they didn't develop the story, there is no depth of characters, and plots so full of holes it makes a sponge seem solid.
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Read the book, it's better

By rlwest
Written October 21, 2014
Fortunately, I'd read the book, otherwise I wouldn't have had the slightest idea what was going on in this poorly directed mish-mash of a movie. The casting made a terrible mistake by casting Will Smith as Lucifer become the audience and I just laughed when the camera finally showed his face, and that laughter spoiled the dramatic moment. The winged horse/angel was the best part of movie. At least my ticket was paid for with a gift certificate, so I wasn't out any money. But I had a terrible time redeeming my gift certificate on the Fandango website, so I'm telling all my friends and family not to ever give anyone Fandango gift certificates and never buy tickets thru Fandango. All in all, though, the romance story was well done.
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By cvargas1971
Written September 22, 2014
We weren't expecting an action movie at all, but this was just plain boring throughout. Plot was easily figured out and the story line just took forever to complete. Entire movie could have been made into a 1 hour TV show and had better results.
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