By abrust9
Written June 12, 2012
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A gritty, well-made little film.

By brunowe
Written June 13, 2010
Winter's Bone is about a 17-year-old girl who is tending her younger sibs and her sick mothers. She gets word that her meth-dealer father skipped bail after putting his family's house and land up as bond. She has to find him to save them, moving through her father's dangerous world to do so. The acting was good throughout, with relative newcomer Jennifer Lawrence excellent as Ree Dolly, the protagonist. The always-good Garrett Dillahunt has a fine supporting as the local sheriff. John Hawkes plays her uncle, Teardrop, and it wasn't until I saw his credits on IMDB that I realized that he played Sol Star, Timothy Olyphant's partner on Deadwood and a very different character. Debra Granik directed and gave it the same subdued, realistic feel she gave in Down to the Bone, where Vera Farmiga was such a revelation.
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A very good film about the endurance of the human spirit.

By theredraylives
Written May 16, 2013
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An amazing film on many levels!

By suzan_with_a_z
Written June 22, 2010
Great acting by Jennifer Lawrence and supporting cast! The 3 hags play far more active roles than in Macbeth, and illustrate a common perversion of the feminist ideal. By exercising their masculine sides for evil ends, they help the bad guys (who still give the orders) to avoid getting their hands dirty (think Blanche Lincoln helping BP and Goldman Sachs!). Another mythic reference is the eerie rowboat ride on what could be the river Styx, as Ree seeks her father's corpse in the underwater underworld. Winter's Bone feels a bit like a Samurai drama played from the female point of view, to quote another reviewer. To create such a film without reworking some ancient myth or invoking modern cliches is a tremendous accomplishment. Only one caution: like a Shakespearean tragedy, this is NOT light entertainment!
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The movie could not have been any better!

By ndjaitly
Written June 20, 2010
Its a movie I had never heard of, but went to see because of the provoking trailer. I was not disappointed! The plot was intense, the acting was evocative, and the cinematography was eerily realistic. This is a must see movie!
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