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Facing the loss of her home if she fails, a teen sets out on a dangerous quest to find her father.
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By abrust9

A different kind of movie. A mystery and yet a story about a family. Must See.

By buffetfan1102
I enjoyed this movie. All throughout the movie it kept you trying to figure things out. I enjoyed the characters and the story of a family that is in very hard times. You feel for the characters....

not enough info clearly stated to enjoy

By jdilworth
The acting is very good as well the sound track but thought the story line could have been more clearly stated . In the beginning didn't know the mother was sick, didn't know the male lead was the...

Bone is a contender

By fm10012
The trailer for this movie interested me only marginally but I felt compelled to see it because none of my friends had seen it. The production values for the movie are awesome. I seldom find...

A deep look inside a culture not too many people see

By nuzman9
This strange, chilling story takes the audience deep inside the culture that spawn the Hatfields and the McCoys -- hillbilly clans that have their own morals, laws and standards. Their forms of...

A very good film about the endurance of the human spirit.

By theredraylives

Winter's Bone

By Andrewlb862
Amazing character work, beautiful cinematography and a host of incredibly tough women made for a surprisingly haunting and bleak look into back-woods Americana on crank. Beautiful and disturbing from...

A gritty, well-made little film.

By brunowe
Winter's Bone is about a 17-year-old girl who is tending her younger sibs and her sick mothers. She gets word that her meth-dealer father skipped bail after putting his family's house and land up as...

Winter's Bone

By bloomie
Something like you've never seen before. I sat in the theater after the movie and thought, "What did I just see?" Gives a huge look at one of America's sub-cultures. Intriguing and troubling....

Best of 2010 (so far)

By templenola
Set in the deep woods of the Ozarks, Winter's Bone tells the story of 17 year old Ree Dolly (played by Jennifer Lawrence in an Oscar worthy performance) determined to find her father, a meth cook, who...

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Rated R | For for some drug material, language and violent content
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Common Sense Media says Strong teen girl character drives grim but superb drama.
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