The Original Best Picture Winner

By Reel Reviewer
Written August 17, 2013
While you may never want to watch this film again, once is an enlightening experience. For movie fans that like, or think they may like, the history and growth of the industry then this is a fun film to watch as it was the first Best Picture winner ever. It's long even by today's standards (almost 2 1/2 hours) and the only words in it are typed across the screen, however the music sets the mood for each scene like you don't typically notice in "talkies." It is funny to watch some of the first screen actors work as they knowingly over-act because all they have ever known is the stage where it was a must to do so, but their facial expressions are spot-on. The story is timeless as two young men original find themselves as each other's nemesis before the first World War brings them together and builds their friendship. You may have seen that story before but never seen the original story, nor have you seen it with a WWI setting. It's safe for anyone, although you need to be able to read!
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wings woo

By Caroline236
Written October 29, 2007
I was excited to see this movie for many reasons including the cast, director, stunts, story, etc etc...but i was able to see it at the Egyptian for the first time during their 85th anniversary. It lived up to my expectations and can't wait to buy it. It's amazing for the time it came out and still is amazing, I know why it won the first best picture award.
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