Will Zahrn

Worked With

Year Name Title
2008 Eric Roberts The Dark Knight
2008 Anthony Michael Hall The Dark Knight
2008 Aaron Eckhart The Dark Knight
2008 Cillian Murphy The Dark Knight
2008 Heath Ledger The Dark Knight
2008 Morgan Freeman The Dark Knight
2008 Michael Caine The Dark Knight
2008 Christian Bale The Dark Knight
2008 William Fichtner The Dark Knight
2008 Gary Oldman The Dark Knight
2008 Maggie Gyllenhaal The Dark Knight
1996 Brian Cox Chain Reaction
1996 Keanu Reeves Chain Reaction
1996 Joanna Cassidy Chain Reaction
1996 Morgan Freeman Chain Reaction
1996 Rachel Weisz Chain Reaction
1996 Fred Ward Chain Reaction
1994 William H. Macy The Client
1994 Anthony LaPaglia The Client
1994 Tommy Lee Jones The Client
1994 Mali Finn The Client
1994 J.T. Walsh The Client
1994 Ossie Davis The Client
1994 William Sanderson The Client
1994 Anthony Edwards The Client
1994 Dan Castellaneta The Client
1994 Will Patton The Client
1994 Mary-Louise Parker The Client
1994 Susan Sarandon The Client
1993 Stephen Dorff Judgment Night
1993 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Judgment Night
1993 Emilio Estevez Judgment Night
1993 Denis Leary Judgment Night
1992 Damon Wayans Mo' Money
1992 Bernie Mac Mo' Money
1992 Irma P. Hall Mo' Money
1991 Mark Harmon Dillinger
1991 Sherilyn Fenn Dillinger
1991 Patricia Arquette Dillinger
1991 Vince Edwards Dillinger
1991 Will Patton Dillinger
1991 Lawrence Tierney Dillinger
1990 Margaret Colin Good Night Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston
1989 Tommy Lee Jones The Package
1989 John Heard The Package
1989 Jack Gold The Package
1989 Gene Hackman The Package
1989 Joanna Cassidy The Package
1989 Dennis Franz The Package
1989 Pam Grier The Package
1988 John Heard Betrayed
1988 Tom Berenger Betrayed
1988 John Mahoney Betrayed
1988 Debra Winger Betrayed
1988 Ted Levine Betrayed
1987 Diane Venora Ironweed
1987 Meryl Streep Ironweed
1987 Nathan Lane Ironweed
1987 Michael O'Keefe Ironweed
1987 Jack Nicholson Ironweed
1987 Tom Waits Ironweed
1987 Frank Whaley Ironweed
1987 Margaret Whitton Ironweed
1987 Carroll Baker Ironweed
1987 Fred Gwynne Ironweed
1987 Ted Levine Ironweed
1987 Bethel Leslie Ironweed
1987 Mali Finn The Untouchables
1987 Sean Connery The Untouchables
1987 Charles Martin Smith The Untouchables
1987 Andy Garcia The Untouchables
1987 Robert De Niro The Untouchables
1987 Clifton James The Untouchables
1987 Lynn Stalmaster The Untouchables
1987 Kevin Costner The Untouchables
1987 Patricia Clarkson The Untouchables
1985 John Mahoney First Steps
1985 Gary Cole [act] First Steps
1985 Bill Campbell First Steps
1985 James B. Sikking First Steps
1985 Lucinda Jenney First Steps
1985 Judd Hirsch First Steps
1985 Brooke Bundy Two Fathers' Justice
1985 Lolita Davidovich Two Fathers' Justice
1985 Ted Levine Two Fathers' Justice
1985 George Hamilton Two Fathers' Justice
1984 William Schallert Teachers
1984 Ralph Macchio Teachers
1984 Judd Hirsch Teachers
1984 Madeleine Sherwood Teachers
1984 JoBeth Williams Teachers
1984 Lee Grant Teachers
1984 Morgan Freeman Teachers
1984 Steven Hill Teachers
1984 Laura Dern Teachers
1984 Royal Dano Teachers
1984 Mary Alice Teachers
1984 Allen Garfield Teachers
1984 Nick Nolte Teachers
1984 Richard Mulligan Teachers
1984 Crispin Glover Teachers
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