Will Patton
Date of Birth
Jun 14, 1954
Birth Place:
Charleston, SC

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Pierce Brosnan The November Man
2012 Burt Young Abigail Harm
2012 Amanda Plummer Abigail Harm
2010 Dennis Farina Knucklehead
2010 Saul Rubinek Knucklehead
2010 Shirley Henderson Meek's Cutoff
2010 Paul Dano Meek's Cutoff
2010 Michelle Williams Meek's Cutoff
2010 Bruce Greenwood Meek's Cutoff
2010 Elisabeth Shue Waking Madison
2009 Kiefer Sutherland 24: Season 07
2009 Bob Gunton 24: Season 07
2009 Cherry Jones 24: Season 07
2009 Kurtwood Smith 24: Season 07
2009 Mary Lynn Rajskub 24: Season 07
2009 Jon Voight 24: Season 07
2009 Janeane Garofalo 24: Season 07
2009 Don Cheadle Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Vincent D'Onofrio Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Lili Taylor Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Wesley Snipes Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Ellen Barkin Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Ethan Hawke Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Richard Gere Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Robert John Burke Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Elias Koteas The Fourth Kind
2009 Barry Pepper Princess Kaiulani
2009 Julian Glover Princess Kaiulani
2008 Charles S. Dutton American Violet
2008 Lucinda Jenney American Violet
2008 Michael O'Keefe American Violet
2008 Alfre Woodard American Violet
2008 Tim Blake Nelson American Violet
2008 Ellen Burstyn The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
2008 Ann-Margret The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
2008 Michelle Williams Wendy and Lucy
2007 Lucy Liu Code Name: The Cleaner
2007 Cedric the Entertainer Code Name: The Cleaner
2007 Callum Keith Rennie Code Name: The Cleaner
2007 Pat Hingle The List
2007 Malcolm McDowell The List
2007 Rip Torn Lucky Days
2007 Anne Jackson Lucky Days
2007 Angelina Jolie A Mighty Heart
2006 Jake Busey Road House 2
2005 Keri Russell Into the West
2005 David Paymer Into the West
2005 Matthew Modine Into the West
2005 Graham Greene Into the West
2005 Judge Reinhold Into the West
2005 Keith Carradine Into the West
2005 Tom Berenger Into the West
2005 Josh Brolin Into the West
2005 Gary Busey Into the West
2005 Lance Henriksen Into the West
2005 Beau Bridges Into the West
2005 Sean Astin Into the West
2004 Kirstie Alley Family Sins
2004 Dennis Hopper The Last Ride
2004 Fred Ward The Last Ride
2004 Samantha Mathis The Punisher
2004 John Travolta The Punisher
2004 Roy Scheider The Punisher
2002 Richard Gere The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Debra Messing The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Laura Linney The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Alan Bates The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Lucinda Jenney The Mothman Prophecies
2001 Ronny Cox The Agency [TV Series]
2000 James Duval Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Delroy Lindo Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Scott Caan Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Giovanni Ribisi Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Robert Duvall Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Christopher Eccleston Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Nicolas Cage Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Frances Fisher Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Angelina Jolie Gone In 60 Seconds
2000 Steve Martin Remember the Titans
2000 Ryan Gosling Remember the Titans
2000 Denzel Washington Remember the Titans
2000 Emily Watson Trixie
2000 Nick Nolte Trixie
2000 Nathan Lane Trixie
2000 Dermot Mulroney Trixie
2000 Stephen Lang Trixie
2000 Lesley Ann Warren Trixie
1999 Omar Epps Breakfast of Champions
1999 Bruce Willis Breakfast of Champions
1999 Albert Finney Breakfast of Champions
1999 Barbara Hershey Breakfast of Champions
1999 Nick Nolte Breakfast of Champions
1999 Lukas Haas Breakfast of Champions
1999 Owen Wilson Breakfast of Champions
1999 Glenne Headly Breakfast of Champions
1999 Buck Henry Breakfast of Champions
1999 Maury Chaykin Entrapment
1999 Sean Connery Entrapment
1999 Ving Rhames Entrapment
1999 Catherine Zeta-Jones Entrapment
1999 Billy Crudup Jesus' Son
1999 Samantha Morton Jesus' Son
1999 Jack Black Jesus' Son
1999 Holly Hunter Jesus' Son
1999 Denis Leary Jesus' Son
1999 Dennis Hopper Jesus' Son
1998 Lili Taylor All Revved Up
1998 Gemma Jones All Revved Up
1998 John Turturro All Revved Up
1998 Aida Turturro All Revved Up
1998 Billy Bob Thornton Armageddon
1998 Lawrence Tierney Armageddon
1998 Ben Affleck Armageddon
1998 Steve Buscemi Armageddon
1998 Bruce Willis Armageddon
1998 Keith David Armageddon
1998 Michael Clarke Duncan Armageddon
1998 Liv Tyler Armageddon
1998 Charlton Heston Armageddon
1998 Owen Wilson Armageddon
1998 Udo Kier Armageddon
1998 Peter Stormare Armageddon
1998 William Fichtner Armageddon
1998 Jason Isaacs Armageddon
1998 Billy Zane I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Tippi Hedren I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Eartha Kitt I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Sandra Bernhard I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Ann Magnuson I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Max Perlich I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Andrew McCarthy I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 John Ritter I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Ron Perlman I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Christina Ricci I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1998 Maila "Vampira" Nurmi I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
1997 Billy Crudup Inventing the Abbotts
1997 Kathy Baker Inventing the Abbotts
1997 Jennifer Connelly Inventing the Abbotts
1997 Joaquin Phoenix Inventing the Abbotts
1997 Liv Tyler Inventing the Abbotts
1997 Kevin Costner The Postman
1997 James Russo The Postman
1997 Giovanni Ribisi The Postman
1997 Olivia Williams The Postman
1997 Seymour Cassel This World, Then the Fireworks
1997 Gina Gershon This World, Then the Fireworks
1997 Billy Zane This World, Then the Fireworks
1996 Laurence Fishburne Fled
1996 David Dukes Fled
1996 Robert John Burke Fled
1996 Stephen Baldwin Fled
1996 Salma Hayek Fled
1996 Alison Elliott The Spitfire Grill
1996 Ellen Burstyn The Spitfire Grill
1996 Marcia Gay Harden The Spitfire Grill
1995 Harry Connick, Jr. Copycat
1995 Sigourney Weaver Copycat
1995 Dermot Mulroney Copycat
1995 Holly Hunter Copycat
1995 Lori Singer VR.5 [TV Series]
1994 Susan Sarandon The Client
1994 Tommy Lee Jones The Client
1994 Mary-Louise Parker The Client
1994 William Sanderson The Client
1994 Dan Castellaneta The Client
1994 Anthony Edwards The Client
1994 Anthony LaPaglia The Client
1994 William H. Macy The Client
1994 J.T. Walsh The Client
1994 Ossie Davis The Client
1994 Mali Finn The Client
1994 Bonnie Bedelia Judicial Consent
1994 Dabney Coleman Judicial Consent
1994 Lisa Blount Judicial Consent
1994 Kevin McCarthy Judicial Consent
1994 Janis Paige Natural Causes
1994 Ali MacGraw Natural Causes
1994 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Natural Causes
1994 Yaphet Kotto The Puppet Masters
1994 Tom Mason The Puppet Masters
1994 Donald Sutherland The Puppet Masters
1994 Keith David The Puppet Masters
1994 Richard Belzer The Puppet Masters
1994 Andrew Robinson The Puppet Masters
1994 Ron Perlman Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 James Cromwell Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Dennis Farina Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Gary Oldman Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Roy Scheider Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Lena Olin Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Juliette Lewis Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Peter Boyle Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Annabella Sciorra Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Louise Fletcher Tollbooth
1994 Fairuza Balk Tollbooth
1994 Seymour Cassel Tollbooth
1993 Casey Siemaszko The Paint Job
1993 Bebe Neuwirth The Paint Job
1993 Alan Arkin Taking the Heat
1993 Lynn Whitfield Taking the Heat
1993 Peter Boyle Taking the Heat
1993 Tom Bell Taking the Heat
1993 Tony Goldwyn Taking the Heat
1993 George Segal Taking the Heat
1992 Beverly D'Angelo A Child Lost Forever
1992 Dana Ivey A Child Lost Forever
1992 James Russo Cold Heaven
1992 Mark Harmon Cold Heaven
1992 Seymour Cassel Cold Heaven
1992 Julie Carmen Cold Heaven
1992 Talia Shire Cold Heaven
1992 Theresa Russell Cold Heaven
1992 Anthony Perkins In the Deep Woods
1992 Rosanna Arquette In the Deep Woods
1992 Sam Rockwell In the Soup
1992 Stanley Tucci In the Soup
1992 Seymour Cassel In the Soup
1992 Jim Jarmusch In the Soup
1992 Jennifer Beals In the Soup
1992 Steve Buscemi In the Soup
1992 Carol Kane In the Soup
1991 Bill Pullman Bright Angel
1991 Valerie Perrine Bright Angel
1991 Lili Taylor Bright Angel
1991 Delroy Lindo Bright Angel
1991 Kevin Tighe Bright Angel
1991 Mary Kay Place Bright Angel
1991 Dermot Mulroney Bright Angel
1991 Sam Shepard Bright Angel
1991 Burt Young Bright Angel
1991 Benjamin Bratt Bright Angel
1991 Kathryn Harrold Deadly Desire
1991 Vince Edwards Dillinger
1991 Lawrence Tierney Dillinger
1991 Mark Harmon Dillinger
1991 Sherilyn Fenn Dillinger
1991 Patricia Arquette Dillinger
1991 David Duchovny The Rapture
1991 James LeGros The Rapture
1991 Mimi Rogers The Rapture
1990 Nick Nolte Everybody Wins
1990 Judith Ivey Everybody Wins
1990 Jack Warden Everybody Wins
1990 Debra Winger Everybody Wins
1990 Michael Caine A Shock to the System
1990 Barbara Baxley A Shock to the System
1990 Samuel L. Jackson A Shock to the System
1990 Swoosie Kurtz A Shock to the System
1990 Christopher Durang A Shock to the System
1990 Jenny Wright A Shock to the System
1990 Peter Riegert A Shock to the System
1990 Elizabeth McGovern A Shock to the System
1989 Kevin J. O'Connor Signs of Life
1989 Mary-Louise Parker Signs of Life
1989 Arthur Kennedy Signs of Life
1989 Kate Reid Signs of Life
1989 Vincent D'Onofrio Signs of Life
1989 Kathy Bates Signs of Life
1989 Beau Bridges Signs of Life
1988 Keith David Stars and Bars
1988 Joan Cusack Stars and Bars
1988 Daniel Day-Lewis Stars and Bars
1988 Glenne Headly Stars and Bars
1988 Maury Chaykin Stars and Bars
1988 Harry Dean Stanton Stars and Bars
1988 Steven Wright Stars and Bars
1988 Spalding Gray Stars and Bars
1988 David Strathairn Stars and Bars
1988 Martha Plimpton Stars and Bars
1988 Laurie Metcalf Stars and Bars
1988 James Woods Wildfire
1988 Linda Fiorentino Wildfire
1987 Richard Widmark A Gathering of Old Men
1987 Woody Strode A Gathering of Old Men
1987 Holly Hunter A Gathering of Old Men
1987 Louis Gossett, Jr. A Gathering of Old Men
1987 David Paymer No Way Out
1987 Sean Young No Way Out
1987 Fred Dalton Thompson No Way Out
1987 Jason Bernard No Way Out
1987 Iman No Way Out
1987 Gene Hackman No Way Out
1987 Kevin Costner No Way Out
1987 George Dzundza No Way Out
1987 Howard Duff No Way Out
1986 Armand Assante Belizaire the Cajun
1986 Stephen McHattie Belizaire the Cajun
1986 Robert Duvall Belizaire the Cajun
1985 Catherine O'Hara After Hours
1985 Dick Miller After Hours
1985 Cheech Marin After Hours
1985 Tommy Chong After Hours
1985 Griffin Dunne After Hours
1985 Bronson Pinchot After Hours
1985 Teri Garr After Hours
1985 Rosanna Arquette After Hours
1985 Martin Scorsese After Hours
1985 John Heard After Hours
1985 Linda Fiorentino After Hours
1985 Steven Wright Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 John Lurie Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 John Turturro Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 Ann Magnuson Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 John Hoyt Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 Rosanna Arquette Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 Aidan Quinn Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 Laurie Metcalf Desperately Seeking Susan
1985 Giancarlo Esposito Desperately Seeking Susan
1984 Robbie Coltrane Chinese Boxes
1983 George Martin The Beniker Gang
1983 Andrew McCarthy The Beniker Gang
1983 J.T. Walsh The Beniker Gang
1983 Kurt Russell Silkwood
1983 Ron Silver Silkwood
1983 David Strathairn Silkwood
1983 Craig T. Nelson Silkwood
1983 Diana Scarwid Silkwood
1983 Graham Jarvis Silkwood
1983 Cher Silkwood
1983 Henderson Forsythe Silkwood
1983 Tess Harper Silkwood
1983 M. Emmet Walsh Silkwood
1983 Meryl Streep Silkwood
1983 Fred Ward Silkwood
1983 Spalding Gray Variety
1983 Luis Guzman Variety
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