William Strauss
Date of Birth
Jun 14, 1885
Birth Place:
New York, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1939 Charles Sherlock Golden Boy
1939 Barbara Stanwyck Golden Boy
1939 Sam Levene Golden Boy
1939 Adolphe Menjou Golden Boy
1939 Minerva Urecal Golden Boy
1939 Bruce Mitchell Golden Boy
1939 Robert Sterling Golden Boy
1939 Charles Sullivan Golden Boy
1939 Edward S. Brophy Golden Boy
1939 Joseph Calleia Golden Boy
1939 Stanley Andrews Golden Boy
1939 Don Beddoe Golden Boy
1939 John Harmon Golden Boy
1939 William Holden Golden Boy
1939 Lee J. Cobb Golden Boy
1939 Howard Da Silva Golden Boy
1938 Frances Drake There's Always a Woman
1938 Melvyn Douglas There's Always a Woman
1938 Joan Blondell There's Always a Woman
1938 William Benedict There's Always a Woman
1938 Mary Astor There's Always a Woman
1938 Gene Morgan There's Always a Woman
1938 Tom Dugan There's Always a Woman
1938 Thurston Hall There's Always a Woman
1938 Jerome Cowan There's Always a Woman
1938 Rita Hayworth There's Always a Woman
1936 Jack Oakie The Texas Rangers
1936 Lloyd Nolan The Texas Rangers
1936 Jean Parker The Texas Rangers
1936 Fred MacMurray The Texas Rangers
1936 Fred Kohler The Texas Rangers
1936 Joe Dominguez The Texas Rangers
1936 Stanley Andrews The Texas Rangers
1936 George "Gabby" Hayes The Texas Rangers
1936 Edward Ellis The Texas Rangers
1935 Sidney Miller One Hour Late
1935 Ray Milland One Hour Late
1935 Betty Farrington One Hour Late
1935 Helen Twelvetrees One Hour Late
1935 Robert Kent One Hour Late
1935 Duke York One Hour Late
1935 Phil Tead One Hour Late
1935 George E. Stone One Hour Late
1935 Charles Sellon One Hour Late
1935 Gail Patrick One Hour Late
1935 Lee Shumway One Hour Late
1935 Conrad Nagel One Hour Late
1935 Jack Mulhall One Hour Late
1935 Ann Sheridan One Hour Late
1934 Ward Bond Broadway Bill
1934 Helen Vinson Broadway Bill
1934 Clara Blandick Broadway Bill
1934 Warner Baxter Broadway Bill
1934 Herman Bing Broadway Bill
1934 Raymond Walburn Broadway Bill
1934 Charles B. Middleton Broadway Bill
1934 Harry Semels Broadway Bill
1934 Lynne Overman Broadway Bill
1934 Dennis O'Keefe Broadway Bill
1934 Clarence Muse Broadway Bill
1934 Paul Harvey Broadway Bill
1934 Bess Flowers Broadway Bill
1934 Margaret Hamilton Broadway Bill
1934 John Ince Broadway Bill
1934 Myrna Loy Broadway Bill
1934 Kit Guard Broadway Bill
1934 Walter Connolly Broadway Bill
1934 Lucille Ball Broadway Bill
1934 Frankie Darro Broadway Bill
1934 Alan Hale Broadway Bill
1934 Douglas Dumbrille Broadway Bill
1933 Grace Hayle Hard to Handle
1933 Bess Flowers Hard to Handle
1933 Ruth Donnelly Hard to Handle
1933 Sterling Holloway Hard to Handle
1933 Lew Kelly Hard to Handle
1933 Allen Jenkins Hard to Handle
1933 Emma Dunn Hard to Handle
1933 Berton Churchill Hard to Handle
1933 Mary Brian Hard to Handle
1933 Walter Walker Hard to Handle
1933 Douglas Dumbrille Hard to Handle
1933 Claire Dodd Hard to Handle
1933 James Cagney Hard to Handle
1932 Harrison Ford Love in High Gear
1931 Frank Coghlan, Jr. The Public Enemy
1931 Frankie Darro The Public Enemy
1931 Jean Harlow The Public Enemy
1931 Joan Blondell The Public Enemy
1931 James Cagney The Public Enemy
1931 Mae Clarke The Public Enemy
1931 Charles Sullivan The Public Enemy
1931 Purnell Pratt The Public Enemy
1931 Russell Powell The Public Enemy
1931 Ben Hendricks, Jr. The Public Enemy
1931 Sam McDaniel The Public Enemy
1931 Beryl Mercer The Public Enemy
1930 Myrna Loy Jazz Cinderella
1929 William Gargan Lucky Boy
1929 George Jessel Lucky Boy
1929 Glenda Farrell Lucky Boy
1929 David Thursby Smiling Irish Eyes
1929 Colleen Moore Smiling Irish Eyes
1929 George "Gabby" Hayes Smiling Irish Eyes
1929 Edward Earle Smiling Irish Eyes
1928 Frank S. Hagney The Rawhide Kid
1928 Hoot Gibson The Rawhide Kid
1928 Shirley Mason So This Is Love?
1927 John Farrell MacDonald Ankles Preferred
1927 Madge Bellamy Ankles Preferred
1927 Ben Hall For Ladies Only
1927 Jacqueline Logan For Ladies Only
1927 Charles Sellon The King of Kings
1927 Joseph Schildkraut The King of Kings
1927 May Robson The King of Kings
1927 George Siegmann The King of Kings
1927 Josef Swickard The King of Kings
1927 H.B. Warner The King of Kings
1927 Victor Varconi The King of Kings
1927 Bryant Washburn The King of Kings
1927 Ernest Torrence The King of Kings
1927 Montagu Love The King of Kings
1927 Dot Farley The King of Kings
1927 Julia Swayne Gordon The King of Kings
1927 Jacqueline Logan The King of Kings
1927 Louis Natheaux The King of Kings
1927 Henry Roquemore Ladies at Ease
1927 Paul Panzer Sally in Our Alley
1927 Florence Turner Sally in Our Alley
1927 Richard Arlen Sally in Our Alley
1927 Kathlyn Williams Sally in Our Alley
1927 Shirley Mason Sally in Our Alley
1927 Dot Farley Shamrock and the Rose
1927 Mack Swain Shamrock and the Rose
1926 Kenneth MacDonald The Law of the Snow Country
1926 Patsy Ruth Miller Private Izzy Murphy
1926 George Jessel Private Izzy Murphy
1926 Gustav von Seyffertitz Private Izzy Murphy
1926 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Hedda Hopper Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Arthur Lake Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Grady Sutton Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Reginald Denny Skinner's Dress Suit
1920 Tom Santschi The North Wind's Malice
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