William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Synopsis
Twentieth-century teenagers (Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes) tragically fall in love.
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Loved it!

By kay2u
Well it was surely not as good as the 1968 version but this movie rocked! I t did a great job of relating to a younger audience!...


By sexyblondqt5555
well i guess im the only one who likes this movie since im the only one reviewing it well let me start off to say romeo and juliet is the best book/movie i have ever seen in my life and yes i will...

By bernc29

By 1756273541

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By Luv_benedict<3
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By spongesam27
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My favorite movie ever!

By maigen_obx
Love this movie....

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By ababe001
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Absurd and Pointless

By treyladner
If you're going to take a great poem and make a movie out of it, do not implement firearms and an urban environment with shady folk that can't keep their shakespeare out of things. I am a fan of...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Sensuality and Contemporary Violence
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Common Sense Media says Optically brilliant, violent update of classic.
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