William Russell
Date of Birth
Apr 01, 1886
Birth Place:
New York, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1929 Hedda Hopper Girls Gone Wild
1929 Louis Natheaux Girls Gone Wild
1929 Fred MacMurray Girls Gone Wild
1929 Dolores Costello The Madonna of Avenue A
1929 Louise Dresser The Madonna of Avenue A
1928 William Demarest The Escape
1928 Tom Dugan The Midnight Taxi
1928 Antonio Moreno The Midnight Taxi
1928 Myrna Loy The Midnight Taxi
1928 Conrad Nagel State Street Sadie
1928 George E. Stone State Street Sadie
1928 Myrna Loy State Street Sadie
1928 Walter Pidgeon Woman Wise
1928 June Collyer Woman Wise
1927 Betty Bronson Brass Knuckles
1927 Paul Panzer Brass Knuckles
1927 George E. Stone Brass Knuckles
1927 Monte Blue Brass Knuckles
1927 Irene Rich Desired Woman
1927 Paul Panzer The Girl From Chicago
1927 Conrad Nagel The Girl From Chicago
1927 Myrna Loy The Girl From Chicago
1926 Janet Gaynor Blue Eagle
1926 David Butler Blue Eagle
1926 George O'Brien Blue Eagle
1926 Reed Howes Wings of the Storm
1925 Tom Santschi My Neighbor's Wife
1925 Herbert Rawlinson My Neighbor's Wife
1925 Tom Moore On Thin Ice
1925 Eleanor Boardman Way of a Girl
1925 Matt Moore Way of a Girl
1924 Victor McLaglen Beloved Brute
1923 Blanche Sweet Anna Christie
1923 Fred Kohler Anna Christie
1923 George Siegmann Anna Christie
1923 Carl Stockdale Man's Size
1921 Seena Owen The Cheater Reformed
1921 Louis King Singing River
1921 Charles King Singing River
1921 Virginia Vale Singing River
1919 Ethel Clayton Sporting Chance
1919 John Farrell MacDonald Sporting Chance
1919 John Farrell MacDonald This Hero Stuff
1918 Carl Stockdale In Bad
1917 Edward Peil Sr. High Play
1917 Edward Peil Sr. New York Luck
1915 Irving Cummings The Diamond from the Sky
1914 Alan Hale Power of the Press
1914 Lionel Barrymore Power of the Press
1913 James Cruze Cymbeline
1912 James Cruze Lucile
1912 James Cruze Undine
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