William Hudson
Date of Birth
Jan 24, 1925
Birth Place:
Gilroy, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1967 Murray Matheson The F.B.I.: Flight Plan
1967 J.D. Cannon The F.B.I.: Flight Plan
1966 Diana Hyland The Fugitive: Dossier on a Diplomat
1966 Ivan Dixon The Fugitive: Dossier on a Diplomat
1966 Diana Sands The Fugitive: Dossier on a Diplomat
1964 Eddie Albert Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Eleven Days to Zero
1964 Richard Basehart Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Eleven Days to Zero
1964 Henry Kulky Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Eleven Days to Zero
1964 David Hedison Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Eleven Days to Zero
1963 Pippa Scott My Six Loves
1963 Max Showalter My Six Loves
1963 Cliff Robertson My Six Loves
1963 Debbie Reynolds My Six Loves
1963 Alice Pearce My Six Loves
1963 John McGiver My Six Loves
1963 Eileen Heckart My Six Loves
1963 Hans Conried My Six Loves
1963 Victor Buono My Six Loves
1963 Jim Backus My Six Loves
1963 David Janssen My Six Loves
1963 Alice Ghostley My Six Loves
1963 Sterling Holloway My Six Loves
1962 Nancy Kulp Moon Pilot
1962 Brian Keith Moon Pilot
1962 Tom Tryon Moon Pilot
1962 Bert Remsen Moon Pilot
1962 Edmond O'Brien Moon Pilot
1958 Michael Ross Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
1958 Allison Hayes Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
1958 David McCallum The Screaming Skull
1957 Melvyn Douglas The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 Preston S. Foster The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 Cathy Downs The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 Jim Backus The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 Joan Blondell The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 Michael Pate The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 Alan Hale, Jr. The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 Chuck Roberson The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 Jane Jenkins The Amazing Colossal Man
1957 George Lynn The Man Who Turned to Stone
1957 Victor Varconi The Man Who Turned to Stone
1957 Victor Jory The Man Who Turned to Stone
1957 Tor Johnson The Man Who Turned to Stone
1957 Ann Doran The Man Who Turned to Stone
1957 June Allyson My Man Godfrey
1957 David Niven My Man Godfrey
1957 Jeff Donnell My Man Godfrey
1957 Jesse Royce Landis My Man Godfrey
1957 Robert Keith My Man Godfrey
1957 Martha Hyer My Man Godfrey
1957 Richard Deacon My Man Godfrey
1957 Eva Gabor My Man Godfrey
1957 Robert Foulk My Man Godfrey
1956 Rock Hudson Battle Hymn
1956 Jock Mahoney Battle Hymn
1956 Don DeFore Battle Hymn
1956 Alan Hale, Jr. Battle Hymn
1956 Martha Hyer Battle Hymn
1956 Richard Loo Battle Hymn
1956 James Edwards Battle Hymn
1956 Dan Duryea Battle Hymn
1956 Cathy Downs The She-Creature
1956 Chester Morris The She-Creature
1956 Jack Mulhall The She-Creature
1956 Tom Conway The She-Creature
1956 Kenneth MacDonald The She-Creature
1956 Edward Earle The She-Creature
1956 Anthony Quayle The Wrong Man
1956 Vera Miles The Wrong Man
1956 Nehemiah Persoff The Wrong Man
1956 Harold J. Stone The Wrong Man
1956 Henry Beckman The Wrong Man
1956 Charles Aidman The Wrong Man
1956 Henry Fonda The Wrong Man
1956 Tuesday Weld The Wrong Man
1956 Werner Klemperer The Wrong Man
1955 Don Haggerty Air Strike
1955 Gloria Jean Air Strike
1955 Stanley Clements Air Strike
1955 Henry Fonda Mister Roberts
1955 Ken Curtis Mister Roberts
1955 James Flavin Mister Roberts
1955 Harry Carey, Jr. Mister Roberts
1955 Philip Carey Mister Roberts
1955 Ward Bond Mister Roberts
1955 James Cagney Mister Roberts
1955 Nick Adams Mister Roberts
1955 William Powell Mister Roberts
1955 Perry Lopez Mister Roberts
1955 Jack Lemmon Mister Roberts
1955 Betsy Palmer Mister Roberts
1955 Martin Milner Mister Roberts
1955 Barry Sullivan Strategic Air Command
1955 Bruce Bennett Strategic Air Command
1955 June Allyson Strategic Air Command
1955 James Stewart Strategic Air Command
1955 Jay C. Flippen Strategic Air Command
1955 Frank Lovejoy Strategic Air Command
1955 Strother Martin Strategic Air Command
1955 Harlan Warde Strategic Air Command
1955 Rosemary de Camp Strategic Air Command
1955 Don Haggerty Strategic Air Command
1952 Strother Martin Dragnet: The Big Blast
1952 Joey Ray The Steel Trap
1952 Eddie Marr The Steel Trap
1952 Joseph Cotten The Steel Trap
1952 Teresa Wright The Steel Trap
1951 Claire Trevor Hard, Fast and Beautiful
1951 Leo Gorcey Let's Go Navy!
1951 Paul Harvey Let's Go Navy!
1951 Huntz Hall Let's Go Navy!
1951 Peter Mamakos Let's Go Navy!
1951 Allen Jenkins Let's Go Navy!
1951 Mike Lally Let's Go Navy!
1951 Dave Willock Let's Go Navy!
1951 William Benedict Let's Go Navy!
1951 Joey Ray Let's Go Navy!
1951 Harry Lauter Let's Go Navy!
1951 James Cagney Starlift
1951 Don Beddoe Starlift
1951 Phil Harris Starlift
1951 Doris Day Starlift
1951 Ann Doran Starlift
1951 Frank Lovejoy Starlift
1951 Janice Rule Starlift
1951 Dick Ryan Starlift
1951 Hayden Rorke Starlift
1951 Virginia Mayo Starlift
1951 Ruth Roman Starlift
1951 Howard St. John Starlift
1951 Randolph Scott Starlift
1951 Gordon MacRae Starlift
1951 Gene Nelson Starlift
1951 Jane Wyman Starlift
1951 Richard Webb Starlift
1950 Raymond Walburn Father Makes Good
1950 Hal Price Father Makes Good
1950 Mary Field Father Makes Good
1950 Barbara Brown Father Makes Good
1950 Walter Catlett Father Makes Good
1949 Leif Erickson The Lady Gambles
1949 Don Beddoe The Lady Gambles
1949 Houseley Stevenson, Sr. The Lady Gambles
1949 Tony Curtis The Lady Gambles
1949 Sherry Hall The Lady Gambles
1949 John Indrisano The Lady Gambles
1949 John Harmon The Lady Gambles
1949 John Hoyt The Lady Gambles
1949 Robert Preston The Lady Gambles
1949 Elliott Sullivan The Lady Gambles
1949 Philip Van Zandt The Lady Gambles
1949 Billy Wayne The Lady Gambles
1949 Barbara Stanwyck The Lady Gambles
1949 Jack Holt Task Force
1949 Kenneth Tobey Task Force
1949 Julie London Task Force
1949 John Ridgely Task Force
1949 Rory Mallinson Task Force
1949 Reed Howes Task Force
1949 Warren Douglas Task Force
1949 Stanley Ridges Task Force
1949 Gary Cooper Task Force
1949 Charles Sherlock Task Force
1949 Jane Wyatt Task Force
1949 Bruce Bennett Task Force
1949 Walter Brennan Task Force
1949 Fred Clark Task Force
1949 Harlan Warde Task Force
1946 Charles Winninger Lover Come Back
1946 Frank Scannell Lover Come Back
1946 Ellen Corby Lover Come Back
1946 Anne O'Neal Lover Come Back
1946 Franklin Pangborn Lover Come Back
1946 Raymond Walburn Lover Come Back
1946 Louise Beavers Lover Come Back
1946 Wallace Ford Lover Come Back
1946 Perc Launders Lover Come Back
1946 Elizabeth Risdon Lover Come Back
1946 George Brent Lover Come Back
1946 Lucille Ball Lover Come Back
1945 Warner Anderson Objective, Burma!
1945 Errol Flynn Objective, Burma!
1945 Hugh Beaumont Objective, Burma!
1945 Anthony Caruso Objective, Burma!
1945 Richard Erdman Objective, Burma!
1945 George Tobias Objective, Burma!
1945 Mark Stevens Objective, Burma!
1945 John James Over 21
1945 Alexander Knox Over 21
1945 Chuck Hamilton Over 21
1945 James Flavin Over 21
1945 Lee Patrick Over 21
1945 Forbes Murray Over 21
1945 Charles Coburn Over 21
1945 Jeff Donnell Over 21
1945 Irene Dunne Over 21
1944 Elizabeth Risdon Weird Woman
1944 Lon Chaney, Jr. Weird Woman
1944 Ralph Morgan Weird Woman
1944 Chuck Hamilton Weird Woman
1944 Anne Gwynne Weird Woman
1944 Evelyn Ankers Weird Woman
1943 Warner Anderson Destination Tokyo
1943 Alan Hale Destination Tokyo
1943 Faye Emerson Destination Tokyo
1943 Warren Douglas Destination Tokyo
1943 Cary Grant Destination Tokyo
1943 Kirby Grant Destination Tokyo
1943 Benson Fong Destination Tokyo
1943 John Forsythe Destination Tokyo
1943 Dane Clark Destination Tokyo
1943 Charles Sullivan Destination Tokyo
1943 Mark Stevens Destination Tokyo
1943 John Ridgely Destination Tokyo
1943 Charles Sherlock Destination Tokyo
1943 Duke York Destination Tokyo
1943 John Garfield Destination Tokyo
1943 Tom Tully Destination Tokyo
1943 Peter Whitney Destination Tokyo
1933 Gregory Ratoff Headline Shooter
1933 Frances Dee Headline Shooter
1933 Henry B. Walthall Headline Shooter
1933 Franklin Pangborn Headline Shooter
1933 Purnell Pratt Headline Shooter
1933 Robert Benchley Headline Shooter
1933 Wallace Ford Headline Shooter
1933 Betty Furness Headline Shooter
1933 William Gargan Headline Shooter
1933 Ralph Bellamy Headline Shooter
1933 Dorothy Burgess Headline Shooter
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