William Christy Cabanne
Date of Birth
Apr 16, 1888
Birth Place:
St. Louis, MO

Worked With

Year Name Title
1914 Blanche Sweet Judith of Bethulia
1914 Mae Marsh Judith of Bethulia
1914 Antonio Moreno Judith of Bethulia
1914 Marshall Neilan Judith of Bethulia
1914 Henry B. Walthall Judith of Bethulia
1914 Harry Carey Judith of Bethulia
1914 Lionel Barrymore Judith of Bethulia
1914 Dorothy Gish Judith of Bethulia
1914 Robert Harron Judith of Bethulia
1914 Lillian Gish Judith of Bethulia
1913 Walter Miller A Timely Interception
1913 Lillian Gish A Timely Interception
1913 Robert Harron A Timely Interception
1913 Mae Marsh A Timely Interception
1913 Lionel Barrymore A Timely Interception
1913 Marshall Neilan The Wanderer
1913 Lionel Barrymore The Wanderer
1913 Walter Miller The Wanderer
1913 Mae Marsh The Wanderer
1913 John Francis Dillon The Wanderer
1913 Henry B. Walthall The Wanderer
1913 Lionel Barrymore The Yaqui Cur
1913 Walter Miller The Yaqui Cur
1913 Robert Harron The Yaqui Cur
1912 Blanche Sweet The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch
1912 Lillian Gish The Informer
1912 Walter Miller The Informer
1912 Mary Pickford The Informer
1912 Jack Pickford The Informer
1912 Henry B. Walthall The Informer
1912 Dorothy Gish The Informer
1912 Harry Carey The Informer
1912 Lionel Barrymore The Informer
1912 Robert Harron The Informer
1912 Blanche Sweet The Punishment
1912 Mae Marsh A Temporary Truce
1912 Blanche Sweet A Temporary Truce
1912 Robert Harron A Temporary Truce
1912 Blanche Sweet Under Burning Skies
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