William Andrews

Worked With

Year Name Title
2004 Aidan Quinn Plainsong
2004 Rachel Griffiths Plainsong
2004 Megan Follows Plainsong
2004 Geoffrey Lewis Plainsong
1993 Frances Fisher Law & Order: Animal Instinct
1993 Lawrence Pressman Law & Order: Animal Instinct
1991 Robert Lansing Law & Order: Blue Wall
1979 Dolph Sweet The Wanderers
1979 Ken Wahl The Wanderers
1979 Karen Allen The Wanderers
1979 Olympia Dukakis The Wanderers
1977 Julie Bovasso Saturday Night Fever
1977 Robert Costanzo Saturday Night Fever
1977 John Travolta Saturday Night Fever
1974 Burt Young The Gambler
1974 M. Emmet Walsh The Gambler
1974 James Woods The Gambler
1974 James Caan The Gambler
1974 Paul Sorvino The Gambler
1974 Louise Lasser The Gambler
1974 Morris Carnovsky The Gambler
1974 Vic Tayback The Gambler
1974 Lauren Hutton The Gambler
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