Why Him? Synopsis
Over the holidays, Ned, an overprotective but loving dad and his family visit his daughter, where he meets his biggest nightmare: her well-meaning but socially awkward billionaire boyfriend, Laird.
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Fu##ing stupid ( coz the "f" word is 80% of the script- it helps to be really buzzed to even endure it!!

By phdinhugs

Decent comedy

By mnguyen92692
Was a decent comedy. Many obscene jokes. If you go watch with an open mind, it can be a satisfied movie, if not, you'll may not like it....

Great title.

By lmerancio100
Movie was very funny. Franco played the obnoxious boyfriend, but funny. I could definitely see the side of the parent, where as my children could see how cool Franco character is. Lots of cussing,...

By mothnanet
Very funny and entertaining movie. However, the movie should be rated as r and not allow kids under 18 years or younger to see it...


By emtbaker
there was so much unnecessary sexual connotation. our group consisted of three different ages groups and we were all very disappointed. not worth half of what they spent just for the catering for it....

Lame and Vulgar

By obu54
Not a funny movie, especially if offended by excessive foul and vulgar language....

A Hundred Laughs

By alyssazaidi
James Franco is amazing and this was a great movie for the family for Christmas (except for two sex scenes)....

Why Him?

By tlp4
What a very unfortunately unfunny movie!!! Do not waste your ??money!!!!!...

Funny but raunchy language that wasn't necessary

By DMB1954


By Moester23
Hey, I like inappropriate language as much as the next guy...but nobody talks like this. Could have been more heartfelt. There was no reason for an emotional connection to any of the characters....

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Rated R | For Strong Language and Sexual Material Throughout
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Common Sense Media says Funny but formulaic comedy has lots of crude material.
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