so so

By glxy
Written September 02, 2007
so so
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By Dane_Youssef
Written November 19, 2010
Well... what is there? Gee... What can I say? What can be said that hasn't been said a zillion times about this movie before? By film critics, film buffs, the other user posters and every other person who saw this one? But you know what? I'm not here to really promote this movie, or analyze it... I'm here to write my love letter for it. We're all here to share our movie-going experiences, aren't we? Well, f*ck it, here's mine. I still remember being a little prepubescent boy sitting in the theater watching this movie, totally amazed and astounded by what I saw. Seeing this wacky cartoons going through a routine Tom-and-Jerry-type episode... and then... it was amazing how these movie actually tricked you, convinced you to believe that human and cartoons can exist in the same universe and dimension of reality. The best part? After it was all over... Roger and Baby Herman went on to star in several of their own cartoon shorts before the movie for real. Good for them.
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Five Word Review

By WhoFramedMorbidDuck
Written March 17, 2010
This is my favorite movie!
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The Best!

By Finch45
Written May 06, 2014
I've watched this movie so many time since I was a kid and I'll continue watching it till I have my own grand children. Just one of the favs.
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Roger Rabbit

By jasonforsyth84
Written June 13, 2015
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