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The only U.S. Marshal assigned to Antarctica has just three days to solve a murder.
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WHITEOUT is a WASHOUT! Grade: C-Average. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Wednesday 9/9/09 - Made in 2007, this 1hr 41 minute suspense/murder mystery is based on a 1998 comic book by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber. Starring Kate Beckinsale and Gabriel Macht, this movie was...

Five Word Review

By Javajive
Pretty cool "suspenseful" thriller movie....

Not plausible....

By jimbodinkas
I felt the story line very weak. Too many holes in the script. Black or dark images on white snow does not make for interesting visuals. Action sequences were filmed in the hurky jerky close-up style...

Thrills On and In The Ice....

By the_flick_reviewing_king
While at the theaters for G.I. Joe (which was another huge summer hit good movie) I was watching the previews and among Old Dogs the Last Airbender and Shutter Island was one of the movies that stood...

Whiteout is a wash out

By Barkster
Do you need a nap? Go to Whiteout. Most boring movie I have seen in years. Six of us went together, ages from 25 to 79. All rated it a big bore. The most exciting part is in the trailer...she...

Goes beyond the normal stalker/slasher.

By redyeah
(Viewed at advanced screening) The whole slasher thing has been done a million times. This movie adds the even more dangerous element of the frozen temperatures of Antarctica. The camera work is...

It might have been good.

By MovieWatcher223
f you are a fan of Ms. Beckinsale, then the good news is that she is in virtually every scene of this movie save the short intro. If you are a fan of beautiful scenery, then the cinematography of the...

Whiteout- Worth the Ticket Cost

By OCLifeguard
First, Whiteout is not a Sci-Fi movie, it's a suspenseful murder mystery set in the Antarctic. The lead actor is a very pretty U.S. Marshal; the only Marshal for thousands of miles. The special...


By mrangelmsd
Great suspense thriller from beginnning to end. Very entertaining - I recommend it...

Whiteout is in need of whiteout

By UKflash
Do not waste your time on this movie. The script is in need of copious amounts of whiteout. The dialogue is so incredibly cheesy you wonder if the writer and director we sniffing whiteout while...

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Rated R | For violence, grisly images, brief strong language and some nudity.
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Common Sense Media says South Pole-set whodunnit is bloody but bland.
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