White House Down

By Plansman
Written June 29, 2013
This is a movie for all ages, The action lasts all the way through the movie, Channing Tatum's and Jamie Foxx's Best Roles what a team and as far as Emily she brings every heart in the audience routing for her. A must see movie.
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White House Down

By trippedr
Written July 01, 2013
What a pathetic piece of political crap! They could have chosen from the many usual enemies of the US but they chose to make it political. Besides Jamie Foxx is a pretty sad choice for the President of the US. Channing Tatum was the only one in the movie who could shoot and hit a target. The poor right-wing Terrorists couldn't hit the side of a barn. Too pathetic. What a waste of money.
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white house down

By 3troubles
Written June 30, 2013
The other fan is right about it being a left wing message movie. I should've known better, having Jamie fox in it. Great actor but screwball in real life.
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By annamiller50
Written September 14, 2013
I can honestly say white house down is the best movie I have ever seen in theaters! I absolutely love the acting! Its a must see for this summer!! :)
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Great buddy film/action flick

By rachelinlove
Written August 05, 2013
I was not expecting much from White House Down. (The premise is basically covered in the trailer so what else would fill 2 hours?) However, this film was well written for a buddy cop comedy and was actually quite hilarious. Plot points were either expected or, again, kind of cheesy action-y, but I would highly recommend you watch this if you're at all into Channing Tatum/Jamie Foxx, buddy comedies, action films, or stuff involving DC/The White House.
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