Great buddy film/action flick

By rachelinlove
Written August 05, 2013
I was not expecting much from White House Down. (The premise is basically covered in the trailer so what else would fill 2 hours?) However, this film was well written for a buddy cop comedy and was actually quite hilarious. Plot points were either expected or, again, kind of cheesy action-y, but I would highly recommend you watch this if you're at all into Channing Tatum/Jamie Foxx, buddy comedies, action films, or stuff involving DC/The White House.
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Pretty sure the DNC produced this movie!

Written June 28, 2013
Take out the over the top political BS and this movie would have been much better...albeit still a bit cheesy at times and definitely not as good as Olympus Has Fallen.
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white house two almost thumbs down

By Agarrat
Written June 28, 2013
after I saw Olympus has fallen and then seen a preview of this movie I automatically knew I didnt want to go see it but I gave it a try .......verdict always go with your gut it was mediocre Jamie Foxx not a believable president and tatum he's yet sold me on his acting abilities other than that the movie was so-so do yourself a favor rent olympus has fallen for an action packed white house in distress movie your welcome
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did I laugh? did I cry?

Written June 29, 2013
Fandango asks "did I laught?" it was not a comedy, bozos!! did I cry?? its just a friggin movie, you bozos!!!!! good movie??? yeah, not bad. interesting hollywood interpretation on the white house.
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White House Down, Democratic leftiest propaganda

By sneas285
Written June 30, 2013
Saw the previews on Direct TV. Looked good, howerver the story line is strait out of the democratic play book. White wing racist take over the White House, almost walked out of the movie. Will not see another Jamie Foxx movie ever again!!! Sick of politics in movies. If you a America hater, go see the movie.
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