White House Down Synopsis
A police man must save The President of the United States when the White House falls under attack.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
There may be better examples of cinematic art in 2013, but for a good time at the movies, it's hard to imagine anything beating this action...
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White House Down is still too gun-happy, and too long, but however you feel about the Oval Office, our country, or some of the movie's...
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New York Post

By Lou Lumenick
You couldn’t ask for a more fun summer popcorn movie than White House Down.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By David Rooney
An action thriller that doesn’t know when to quit. For the most part, though, it remains preposterously entertaining.
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By Scott Foundas
Itself owing much to such lone-man-of-action hallmarks as “Die Hard” and “Speed,” this welcome throwback to an earlier, more generously...
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Entertainment Weekly

Skip it, and you'll be depriving yourself of one of the summer's most satisfyingly stupid pleasures.
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By William Goss
At best, White House Down is a sure-fire way to kill two hours, if not countless brain cells.
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Boston Globe

By Peter Keough
Intentionally or not, Roland Emmerich’s White House Down is the comedy hit of the summer. No other film equals its comic sophistication....
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
While director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) piles on outlandish scenarios, the chemistry of the lead actors mitigates the contrived...
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Village Voice

By Alan Scherstuhl
Often, the hilarity is indisputably intentional. If you think you'll laugh and clap, try it; if you know you'll hate it, you're right.
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What a load of Left wing CRAP!!!

By JBDragon
The the President is really OBAMA and these terrorist are Right wing Fanatics, etc. What a complete load of crap this movie turned out bring....

White House Down Is No Olympus Has Fallen

By MedRed
I can't help but to compare White House Down to Olympus has Fallen. For the record, Olympus did it better. That being said, from the nature of the attacks to the execution of the character...

Too political!

By jrsides143
The movie was not bad in terms of an action movie. However, it was incredibly political. Every bad guy was a right wing white supremist. All of the bad guys were pro military, pro guns an...

Die-hard, screaming Obama groupie? You'll love it!

By mgatten
I want my money back. Even my 11 year old was annoyed with the dripping heroic portrayal of Obama (yeah, it's supposed to be Obama) and we couldn't believe the level of one sided politics. It's...

White house left wing

By ronwagner
This was the most apparent left wing dribble I've seen in a long time, if you love Obama then go see it, you can love him more. This movie is a joke for the rest of us, don't waste your money and...

Propaganda !

By cascatheroman
The Russians made better propaganda movies in the 1960's. This is nothing but an "I LOVE OBAMA" movie- remember Jamie Fox called Obama " Our Lord and Savior" once. Gee Hollywood- when will we EVER...

funny parts, but Olympus Has Fallen was much better

By citadelgrad
I think I'd have liked it more if I hadn't just watched Olympus Has Fallen a few months ago which was much better in terms of plot/story line. Foxx and Tatum both deliver, as they always do, and there...

Great Action Movie!

By jice20
Its been a while I've been interested in seeing a action film an this one caught my eye maybe because of Tatum but definitely did not disappoint had me in suspense throughout and interested thru...

Summer Fun at it's Silliest

By latony
An entertaining, but completely ridiculous movie. Luckily, the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. There are some funny lines and Tatum and Foxx have a nice rapport. Do not rush to the...


By Movie girl 57
If you're looking for a fast moving, non-intellectual, see lots of explosives movie with a cute kid thrown in, you should be all over this. I just have to say very satisfying and I'm still smiling...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some language, a brief sexual image, sequences of intense action violence and intense gunfire and explosions
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