The A.V. Club

By Sam Adams
It’s hard to imagine a more potent symbol of good intentions gone to seed than the decrepit Buenos Aires building that gives White Elephant its title.
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The Telegraph

By Tim Robey
On his broadest canvas yet, Trapero mounts a saga about the role of conscience, which might seem old-fashioned if it weren’t so urgently imagined. An added fillip is Michael Nyman’s stirring score, his best in years.
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The Hollywood Reporter

Argentine director Pablo Trapero fashions a gripping, fast-paced story.
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The Playlist

Pablo Trapero’s White Elephant is a smartly acted, beautifully scored, often bracingly directed film of good intentions and big ambition. Yet it can only be called a modest success, and, in light of how strong some of its individual elements are, even a slight disappointment.
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Total Film

By Tom Dawson
Writer/director Trapero arguably crams too much into the film’s running time, but potent turns and Michael Nyman’s yearning score are among the compensations.
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Time Out London

By Dave Calhoun
Thematically, White Elephant is a vague animal and its true interest never truly comes into focus.
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The lensing is flawless in White Elephant, but the same can't be said for the script, which tries to keep too many thematic balls in the air without privileging any one.
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The Guardian

By Peter Bradshaw
For all the competence and strength of Trapero's direction, the film is not as powerful as it might have been.
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67 out of 100
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