Now Christmas is complete!

By jillclarannegrawe
Written September 30, 2014
Love this movie...such a classic. Shmaltz and sentimentality to fill you up through the holiday season. If you can keep a dry eye while the soldiers are singing, "We'll Follow the Old Man", then your heart is the size of the Grinch. In fact, see this movie, and your heart is sure to expand. Here it comes....BUT...the only thing that needs work is the coloration and sound quality. Not sure if it is a theater problem or video issue. It is obvious that the theater is simply running a DVD from the Target video bin. It could be better than it was...I would think. I appreciate the $6.50 price tag - but would love an improved visual/sound quality! Once a year, on the big screen, is worth the trip out!!
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White Christmas

By Furmans123
Written December 12, 2012
It was great to finally see this classic movie on the Big Screen. The colors and the detail were unreal. I'm glad we went.
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White Christmas

By fordebbiem
Written November 30, 2012
It was a wonderful movie, they don't make great movies like this any more.
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Holiday Tradition

By SPIguy
Written August 29, 2014
It's not the holidays at my house until we watch this classic!
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White Christmas

By rr2lester796
Written December 06, 2013
My wife's favorite movie which is why we went. It was amazing to see it on the big screen. Amazing quality considering how long ago it was made. Made for a very enjoyable evening!
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