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Fletcher, a lead for the top jazz ensemble at school, discovers Andrew and transfers the aspiring drummer into his band, forever changing the young man's life. Andrew's passion to achieve perfection quickly spirals into obsession, as his ruthless...
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Virtuoso Perfomance - the Film of the Decade

By louisemensch
I have seen Whiplash four times this past week and am not some kind of indie film nut. This story of perfection, striving, brutal honesty, and masculinity and sacrifice - of the antagonist as much as...

One of the best I've ever seen.

By Wiil0276
A strong story, with the heart of a lion, masterfully told. Push yourself to see it (in the best theater possible), you can thank me later....

Success of a Film About Success

By joegiustra
I see lots of films and rarely commend or remember them (except for oldies). But "Whiplash" is a gem! As has been noted by critics, the plot is familiar, a template of the success-against-odds...


By mariahbigfan
Amazing! A+++ This story leaves me speechless. A movie that anyone whose ever sung a note or picked up an instrument should see....

Oscar worthy!!!!

By vseay1
What can I say... It's amazing!!!! I have so much respect for the young actor playing the drummer...

Why did they make this movie?

By mary568
I read a review that said this movie raised the question of whether the relentless pursuit of being the best might lead to psychological problems. The answer is yes. Now you don't have to spend one...

Astonishing, Must-See Film

By zinkpb
I went into this film with high expectations, but WHIPLASH exceeded every one of them by delivering a focused, personal story that literally left me breathless. The movie never loses site of its core...

Remake of Black Swan With Paradiddles Instead of Pliés.

By georgecolombo
Given the number of enthusiastic reviews I'd seen, my expectations for Whiplash were pretty high. In fact, the movie was largely disappointing. J.K. Simmons turned in an outstanding performance,...

Phenomenally Intense

By spiffnjen


By rushfan74
J.K. Simmons performance is Amazing. A compelling, at times hard to watch movie. GO SEE IT !...

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Rated R | For Strong Language and Some Sexual References
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Common Sense Media says Compelling drama about relentless pursuit of perfection.
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