While We're Young Synopsis
Noah Baumbach’s exploration of aging, ambition and success, stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a middle-aged couple whose career and marriage are overturned when a disarming young couple enters their lives.
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While We're Young

By lawrencescanlon
I must say that this film was an utter waste of my time and money. I should have left after fifteen minutes. A putative comedy that wasn't funny beyond a couple of chuckles, it was one of the most...

This was just awful

By mrshmllwman
If only I could have given it half of -1 stars... Why would ben stiller even do this movie... If you liked this I seriously question your Ability to rate a film....

Deeper Than I Thought

By debralaroc
So, I saw this movie at the invitation of a friend. I actually didn't know anything about it except for what I saw in the trailer. I actually thought it was a light-hearted romp, but it was...

Entertaining, but narrative could've been cleaner

By NYC_MovieWatcher
Was I entertained? Yes. Do I think it's Baumbach's best work? No. The film started out very promising with interesting characters and great performances from the cast -- particularly Amanda...

Not very funny. Heavy handed.

By vizwords
Had high hopes for this. It was not particularly funny overall. It had a few moments. Lots of strerotypes and charicatures. Heavy handed messaging. A little depressing. Not worth seeing IMHO....

4 seniors all loved this movie

By ashendorf
it has been said that some animals eat their young ....this movie shows that some young "eat their elders"..great movie with lots of food for thought and lots of laughs...

When We're Young

By lisa582
The trailers led me to believe that it was more of a comedy so I wasn't ready for the heaviness of the film. I loved ALL of the actors, great acting and casting. But I think that unless you have...

thoughtful indépendant film

By jeffny2003
A well written, for the most part, story dealing with a middle aged couple and their struggles with their life choices. Excellent casting, one of Ben Stiller's better roles in recent years...

Not bad, but not very good, either

By NYPerson1
Ben Stiller just isn't charming enough to carry a movie. In order for this one to work, you have to really like his character, and I definitely didn't. The younger couple is much more interesting...


By clivingston66
I can't believe I sat through it. One of the worst movies I've seen in years. Save your money and time....

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Rated R | For Language
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Common Sense Media says Witty, observant, salty comedy about work, love, babies.
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