Where to Invade Next Synopsis
Where to Invade Next is an expansive, rib-tickling, and subversive comedy in which Academy Award®-winning director Michael Moore, playing the role of “invader,” visits a host of nations to learn how the U.S. could improve its own prospects.
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Where to Invade Next? America's Theatres!

By domsegatti
This is a rousing and personal indictment of American culture by juxtaposing foreign policy to that of our own. It provides all the laughs and dry wit of a typical Moore film but with a newfound...

An absolute must see movie for this 2016 election season... Awesome...

By Sea Doc
Brilliantly edited, truly eye-opening from the eyes of those in other countries looking at the USA's current state of affairs... What was so remarkable is that the USA had been the harbinger of many...

Make America Great Again!

By jjdevo
Of course republicans and ditto heads will hate this movie. They hate every good idea that will benefit hard working Americans at the expense of their corporate overlords. You know all the gun...

Where to Invade Ne

By medillon828
A marvellous movie. Should be a must see for everyone. Should be required viewing for high schoolers. The movie carefully avoids making judgements and leaves that up to the viewer. And, yes, it, does...

Great movie and very alarming

By FilomenaLisa
I find it ridiculous that many gun nuts and warmongers are putting false reviews on here for a movie they never saw. This was a great movie clearly illustrates why we are hated so much around the...

Where To Invade Next

By laurarichey
Brilliant, entertaining, and informative. It should be viewed by every US citizen, twice by the ones who vote. There are lots of funnies, as well as a number of historical and current events that are...

where to invade next

By kickinhass
This movie gives great incite into how other countries are able to handle the problems of health care, drugs, incarceration, sex education, equality in the workplace for women, paid maternity leave,...


By bretthibbard
I assure you everyone calling Michael a liar has not done their homework. Do your due diligence and look the stuff up yourself if you're suspicious, don't believe some right-wing butthurt on the...

Bringing good ideas back to the USA

By peacenow
We highly recommend this movie!...

Superb, intelligent movie

By abcxyz11
Look out myopic demagogues, this movie isn't for you. Well done!...

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Rated R | For Some Violent Images, Brief Graphic Nudity, Language and Drug Use
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Common Sense Media says Michael Moore "steals" good ideas to improve the U.S.A.
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