phenomenal and funny

By sdeyemd
Written April 20, 2008
its great.
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See the people

By andreasnyc
Written April 20, 2008
They did a great job showing us the people of the world in his quest.
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Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?

By WonderWo1976
Written May 02, 2008
It's funny like his first movie. Makes you see how the government sucks everywhere. It's all about them getting/taking more and not caring about the repercussions. I loved this movie because you realize everyone is in the same messed up boat.
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By Seth25
Written May 03, 2008
man was that boring.
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Held my interest for the most part...

By Professor Mad
Written March 12, 2009
I found some of his conclusions a little light analytically, but watching him fly around the world was interesting enough. It reminded me how irritating the whole situation with Al Quaeda is, which I guess is not a positive, but some movies or documentaries should try to make you think. This one probably did not go far enough.
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