Where Hope Grows Synopsis
WHERE HOPE GROWS is an inspiring story about Calvin Campbell (Kristoffer Polaha), a professional baseball player who was sent to an early retirement due to panic attacks at the plate.
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Where Hope Grows - David DeSanctis

By andrew394
David DeSanctis is sort of a pivotal character in this film. Shouldn't you at least acknowledge his name on the cast listing Fandango??...

Wonderful Message

By wookieumr
This movie delivers a wonderful message that everyone should hear. It is a beautiful example of how people we would never expect can teach us about things we thought we knew....

Everyone should see this movie!!!

By juliekayewagner
This has to be one of the best dramas I have ever seen. I laughed, I cried, and it made me want to change how I live my life. Every person should see this movie, and be moved! The fact that is not...

Inspiring story for adults and teens

By sun4fun92
This movie makes you leave the theater with a feeling of hope. Kristoffer and Daid work extremely well together playing theirs olds as Calvin and Produce. Although the movie does express religion,...


By Kathleencccslp
Great movie, great actors/actresses, a feel good movie. I loved it....

Where Hope Grows

By spkecho
I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it! Produce did an awesome job that kept your emotions up and down.....wondering how he would handle several situations! The movie had good thought...


By kmosspmoss
I loved Where Hope Grows. The young star David D. Was a natural. The cast blend was great. They didn't over do on the drama!! Loved the ending!!!...

Great movie!

By jnietoiii
Money well spent on great movie with a great message. Too many movies today are filled with violence and filth. Good, clean uplifting movie....

By lscott5704
Great feel-good movie! Reminds us of the infinite worth of each person and what's truly important....

Excellent movie

By Golf Man
Moving, powerful, transformative. Everyone should see this movie!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Thematic Issues, An Accident Scene, Drinking and Teen Sexuality and Brief Language
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Common Sense Media says Moving faith-based friendship drama not just for believers.
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