When in Rome Synopsis
Magic coins bring the possibility of love to a disillusioned woman (Kristen Bell).
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By FLASH1465
Got a chance to see a screening about a month ago with a female friend ..I am Male and thought ok free movie why not??? I have to admit I laughed out loud A LOT. Some parts of the story were...

Took my boyfriend

By SallyGonzales
I took my boyfriend to a screening. He didn't want to go because he thought it was going to be a girl movie. But he was laughing the whole time....

By KDBolejack

Fun movie

By CarlsonDanny
Great date movie. The magical realism complements the comedy. A fun movie going experience....

truly a must-see for jan

By boreddude288
hahaha just rewatched the "dark dining" scene on fandango, reminded me how funny and charming this movie really was....

The Trailers Don't Cover Half of it!

By Dolphins1392
This movie was funny throughout the entire film! Normally you see all of the funny stuff JUST in the trailers. This isn't the case! When I saw the commercials I had that "that's all that I'm going to...

When in ROME...from TAMPA

By dr ez
We were entertianed......LOVED ROME and LOVED CINE BISTRO...

Rad Movie

By BizzleSmizzle
I have a friend in the movie biz. He hooked me up with two passes to see the screening of this flick. I got to take my girl to this movie and score brownie points. The film was funny. I laughed and...

A Light Comedy (:

By QueenSnave
Overall, I'd say go watch this movie on DVD for a buck. It was funny at moments, but most of the humor was immature. The plot was okay, but my dad was even able to guess the -no spoiler- plot twist...

Saw an advance screening

By Jayden Jackson
Went with my wife to a screening. We both enjoyed it....

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Rated PG-13 | For some suggestive content
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Common Sense Media says Teen-appeal actors disappoint in stereotypical romcom.
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