What We Do in the Shadows Synopsis
A house of vampires quarrel over dirty dishes, discuss fashion, and go to parties. When they turn Nick into a vampire, the entire house teams up to show him the perks of that world.
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I wanted to like this movie, but...

By ryanalicia
I love pretty much all things vampire, but this movie was just plain tiresome. I actually wanted to leave about 20 minutes in when I realized how much of a waste of time it was going to be. But my...


By OscarPartyPlanner


By mackdaddysf
Ooohh....BAT FIGHT!...

Best Documentary EVER

By 509360944
This is a MUST MUST MUST see film!! Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clemant are en pointe!! Kia ora!!...

great blood

By johnrmcmanus

Really funny

By om

Unexpected fun

By skyguyy
Not a vampire fan so thought I'd hate it.... It was such a fun quickly well done movie. Throughly enjoyed it!!!...

Hardest Laugh In A Theatre

By romarrclark
this was, for me, the funniest thing I've ever seen in theaters. so unexpected but I laughed every minute its a deadalive and evildead2 level horrorcomedy that is mockumentary, slapstick and deadpan...

Couldn't Stop Laughing

By bertrandaustin
Really funny. Like a combo of a reality TV show and a documentary. Hilarious. I was honestly surprised how good it was. Going to buy when it comes out on DVD. "Hey! We're werewolves not...

Hilarious from beginning to end!

By meredith86571
This movie did not disappoint... what an original concept and hilarious execution! Hopefully this is just the beginning for this ensemble....

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Rated R | For Language, Bloody Violent Content and Some Sexual Material
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Common Sense Media says Quirky vampire mockumentary has lots of blood.
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