Pretty hilarious

By Sasha_imax85
Written October 01, 2011
I actually went to see this movie out of spontaneity and ended up laughing the whole time. It was a little slow in the beginning but picked up quickly. There was not too much drama but it was funny and the characters were enjoyable. I had a great time with my 3 other friends. So definitely go see it! You won't be disappointed.
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What's Your Number

By beccalavin
Written October 01, 2011
Nice diversion for a Friday night. Enjoyed it. Funny. Light and predictable. But sometimes predictable is ok.
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What's Your Number? review

By kassyh2008
Written October 02, 2011
funny chick flick!!!!!
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Funnier than your would expect

By suemarie
Written October 13, 2011
I loved this movie. It was fast moving, well acted and really funny. I guess you could say that it was a little predictable, but I enjoyed the entire move. A girl wants to revisit her ex lovers, with the help of her cute neighbor.
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Very Funny

By theclass
Written October 14, 2011
I liked it alot.. lots of laughs. Great romantic comedy.
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