What Maisie Knew Synopsis
A child suffers silently as her divorced, self-absorbed parents use her against each other.
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Amazing performance by young actress

By anooshig
A haunting movie showing how children are affected by having to suffer incompetent, selfish and disinterested parents. Wonder where all these dysfunctional adults come from? See this movie for the...

What Maisie knew

By normdonna950
Wonderful. Not at all as dreary as the subject of a litle girl being shuttled back and forth between her now divorced parents might appear. Splendid acting by everybody -those you root for and those...

Must see movie!

By adstar
Great acting by all the principal actors but especially Maisie. What a wonderfully expressive child actor....

Decent acting but poorly made

By judgebob
In addition to getting a number of facts about the movie wrong (Did he/she really listen to the dialogue or even see the movie?) most professional reviews totally ignore the really poor way this...

Sentimentality done well.

By kathryn789
Maisie stole the show. The adult characters seemed to be entranced by her. I don't think the film would have been as good had the actors not been so good....

Great Kid!

By pedsarq
This is the story of a wonderful little girl who survives a pair of emotionally incompetent parents as they divorce and take on other spouses. They have shared custody and Maisie seems to be only...

You'll fall in love with Maisie

By dvonballmoos
This is a sad but very touching story with amazing acting done by Onata Aprile as Maisie. Not once was she a brat nor did she ever appear to be 'acting'. The other actors were great as well. If you...

What Maisie Knew

By sfnewyorker
NY Times called "Maisie" "haunting and brilliant." I quite agree. Onata Aprile, in the title role, is an amazing young actor and the rest of the cast is very convincing. However, do not see this...

Beautifully acted, emotional movie

By groups2971
This is an excellent movie with great acting and a story that will tear your heart out. The little girl was amazing....

"What Maisie Knew"

By Huma Danger
GREAT!!! "Maisie" stole the movie!...

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Rated R | For Some language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Wrenching drama about child custody can spark discussion.
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