“WHAT JUST HAPPENED” -- A European-style “SLICE OF LIFE” dramedy =

By jimchudnow
Written October 15, 2008
[Based on an advance preview:] This Barry Levinson-directed film is being advertised as a “comedy”, which I feel is somewhat inaccurate: while it has SOME humorous situations and “aside” comments, I found it to be more of a European-style “SLICE-OF-LIFE” drama. ROBERT De NIRO plays a film producer having a lot of trouble getting his films properly finished (due to an uncooperative English director and a tough studio boss played by CATHERINE KEENER) and getting new ones made (due to a frequently-obstinate BRUCE WILLIS and his agent JOHN TURTURRO). He tries to juggle work (often unsuccessfully) with his 3 kids and 2 ex-wives, friends, cohorts and others. It’s a difficult life he leads, full of twists, turns, disagreements, jealousy and problems. While I found this movie quite interesting overall, it came across more as FASCINATING than truly clever or especially “enjoyable”.
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what just happened

By travis bickle
Written October 18, 2008
an absolute mess. there is a reason why this film has had a hard time getting a distributor(even though it has a lot of big names in it) and that is because this movie is an unwatchable bore. you would think that a movie that has robert de niro, sean penn, and bruce willis being directed by barry levinson from a story written by irwin winkler that it would have something interesting in it, but it does not. penn is in it for about a minute. willis is in it for five minutes. the movie is all about de niro (who looks a lot less grumpier and less bored than usual). you have to wonder to yourself who really cares about any of the characters in the film and who is the audience to empathize with? people will be curious to see this based on all of the names involved, but it is a complete waste of your time. it is not as bad as de niro's other movie(righteous kill which teamed him up with al pacino), but it is still a major disappointment considering all of the people who were involved .
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What Did I Just See?

By Pack Man
Written October 18, 2008
Incredibly slow movie. There were some funny moments, most of which could be seen in the trailer. Great cast.....bad script; overall poor execution.. Ironically, Robert DeNiro ends up producing a bad movie about a guy that produces a bad movie! The joke's on us! Avoid at all costs.
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What just Happened?

By jcm8301
Written October 20, 2008
Not really sure what happened... I was totally not impressed with this flick. I was bored. I expected more from robert deniro, since he is one of my favs.
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What a movie

Written December 21, 2009
I saw this movie last night and was impressed. At first it was kind of hard to follow along but once you catch on its a really good film. It provides insight for people who are in the movie industry and what they deal with on a regular basis. I found it very insightful. Bruce Willis is great in this. Im not a big Dinero fan but I felt he did really good. The movie is about Deniro (a movie pruducer) running into work issues he deals with while trying to maintain a steady personal life. One of the films he iss producing has a drector that makes a film that he feels provides true artistic merit and the investors want to change the ending because they feel it doesnt fit thier "commercial" needs. In short the Directer of the film pulls his original ending at the premier. I thought that was great because it shows that you have to stand up for what you believe in even if it doesnt make money or fits in with everyones beliefs. It doesnt hit you right after you watch it but its great!
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