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A movie producer (Robert De Niro) deals with a demanding studio boss and a temperamental actor.
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“WHAT JUST HAPPENED” -- A European-style “SLICE OF LIFE” dramedy =

By jimchudnow
[Based on an advance preview:] This Barry Levinson-directed film is being advertised as a “comedy”, which I feel is somewhat inaccurate: while it has SOME humorous situations and “aside” comments,...

what just happened

By travis bickle
an absolute mess. there is a reason why this film has had a hard time getting a distributor(even though it has a lot of big names in it) and that is because this movie is an unwatchable bore. you...

What Did I Just See?

By Pack Man
Incredibly slow movie. There were some funny moments, most of which could be seen in the trailer. Great cast.....bad script; overall poor execution.. Ironically, Robert DeNiro ends up producing a...

What just Happened?

By jcm8301
Not really sure what happened... I was totally not impressed with this flick. I was bored. I expected more from robert deniro, since he is one of my favs....

What a movie

I saw this movie last night and was impressed. At first it was kind of hard to follow along but once you catch on its a really good film. It provides insight for people who are in the movie industry...

What Just Happened

By jojo_the_movie_lover
The story line is a little weak and the action is a little silly but it may be a true reflection of that world. I didn' t really enjoy it....

what just happened

By epstie
Completey boring. "Bruce Willis has a beard" is a 10-second joke at best, but here is a major plot point. As is the color of a re-upholstered chair. No character development, no plot, no laughs,...

What Just Happened

By dcndede
My husband and I thought it was terrible, a complete waste of our time. The language, the gore, the lack of appealing characters - made this a very unattractive movie. We can't understand how Al...

Nothing just happened

By roachb
This is a bad movie about a bad movie. I have never seen such a bad movie with so many good actors. I found it tedious, and often annoying. If you want to see a dog get shot in the head about four...

What Just Happened

By jacksonheights
This was a thoughtful, funny, movie that spun quickly, interestingly and artfully around Robert De Niro's character. The script was clever, the acting was terrific--but, there was something missing...

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Rated R | For language, some violent images, sexual content and some drug material
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Common Sense Media says Pause for kids 16 & under Showbiz satire is too edgy, "insidery" for kids.
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