A great love story

By Rob Vajko
Written September 17, 2010
Loved it! Dallas Jenkins, the director, and the actors manage to deeply connect you with the characters in the movie. It's a story of love, of missed opportunities, of grace, of second chances and of hope. A movie for the whole family. It has a great, positive message and provides a much welcome alternative to the gore and sexually explicit flow of movie that seem to grace our screens all the time. Highly recommended. Can't wait for it to come to DVD so I can own a copy.
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What If

By pharmd4u
Written August 20, 2014
Excellent movie- very evangelistic and wonderful family movie! In an age where very few movies are quality that anyone can enjoy, this is a top of the line one. Highly recommend it to all.
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What If

By 2sojourn4
Written September 26, 2010
I thought it was a very good family movie. It reused some older plot types that worked very well. It was about choices and a second chance. It had a very good family angle and expressed the reality of corporate takeovers. What if you got a second chance to do what you should have done initially? You will scratch your head, laugh, cry and go away with a lot to think about.
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Five Word Review

By dogmovieman
Written September 06, 2010
Boring Slow Predictable Christian Fairytale
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Good family flick

By nurseone001
Written September 06, 2010
The movie was a little slow for me. However, it was good to see a movie without violence, sex and profanity for a change. My problem with the movie is that the premise is so limited. We were put here to create a life for ourselves. It's too simple and predictable to think that picking the path of the corporate world/money is all bad and the only good or correct choice is, of course, to become a pastor in a church, serve God and live happily ever after. We cannot even begin to fathom the love and endless possibilities that are here for us. That being said, this movie represents the best we can do with our limited human thinking.
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