Pretty good

By mariska1084
Written September 03, 2008
I thought this movie was good, but not great. A very fun comedy, but predictable and nothing original.
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Gotta go and see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By estrellada
Written May 09, 2008
Once I saw the reviews, I could not wait! I liked it sooo much that I want to buy it when it comes out...From my point of view it has its points on life and how you should not be someone else to make your partner happy. They should accept you for who you are and not judge you...
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What Happens In Vegas

By Taylor Rockford
Written May 05, 2008
Went and saw this thinking there would be some better end comedy in this one to go along with the plot seeing as how Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz were both in this and I was set up for a bit of disappointment. The movie wasn't terrible but I'd personally wait for it to come out on DVD. The best comedy scenes weren't even from the two main actors but their best friends in the movie. Sure Kutcher and Diaz had their moments but it's not something you desperately need to see in the movie theaters. With a decent plot line and a decent cast the movie turned out, as you would expect decent. It did flow nicely and didn't have any slow scenes where nothing progressed it was a nice movie that kept going and had a nice feel to it after I saw it. Thee end.
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Great movie

By anymoviefan
Written May 05, 2008
I went into this movie not thinking that I was going to see anything other than the 'same old, same old' comedy. While the movie was hilarious, Ashton and Cameron played the characters with so much realness (is that a word?) that you felt for them in their situation. It is wonderfully played and I think everyone that enjoys a good romantic comedy will definitely enjoy this one.
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Good laughs....

By AMC310
Written April 25, 2008
I really liked this movie. Thought Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher were great together. I definitely reccomend seeing it. The entire theater was cracking up throughout the film - it's very entertaining. :)
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