Very funny... A must see!!

By jessierican
Written March 15, 2008
My Fiance and I had an opportunity to watch a special screening of the movie at ShoWest in Las Vegas and we enjoyed it very much. THIS IS NOT A CHICK FLICK!! I would recommend this as a date movie. Both Cameron and Ashton had great chemistry together and all the supporting actors made the movie even better. A very funny watch - I am looking forward to watching it again when it is released!!
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Predictable but watchable

By jjh
Written May 07, 2008
due to the performances of the stars, esp Ashton Kucher. His ability to keep me watching a formulaic "comedy" proves that he deserves better. If he ever gets a decent script, watch out.
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Pretty Good Movie

By bbar64
Written May 07, 2008
Very well done. Supporting characters are what really make it good.
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Fun in Pieces

By gregsdsu
Written May 07, 2008
The movie is made up of lots of individual shots that make up the whole story. Feels a bit incoherent. Good for Cameron Diaz fans, however.
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Entertaining but just barely

By Jim1234
Written May 07, 2008
A little funny but predictable. Overall I'd wait for the dvd
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