Whatever Works Synopsis
Sparks fly when an eccentric New Yorker (Larry David) meets a Southern gal and her family.
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One of the Season's Worst !

By Santa_Fe_Ranger
I've always enjoyed Allen's humor and self-absorbed neurosis, but this film was terrible. I knew I was in for a disappointment when "Boris" started talking directly into the camera to the...

I laughed and that what works for me

By Powerhugs
After sifting through a myriad of your typical anti-Woody Allen reviews I was determined to see this film for myself because I wanted to be my own judge..Yes its true that its not Woody's best work...

Hilarious! Typical Woody Allen and Larry David fashion - entertaining and funny!

By elibutton
I thought this movie was hilarious! I was excited to see Woody and Larry team up for this film. If you're a fan of Woody Allen - or Larry David - then you'll definitely love this movie as it will...

Whatever works and it doesnt

By Budik
My god retire already, I am so mad working hard for my money just to pay for this trash. There was a reach for the remote feeling throughout the entire movie. I was even praying for a ad to popup for...

Whatever works

By teovaldi
good writing, acting, directing, photography, original, creative, insightful. One of Woody Allen's best....

Whatever Works

By steven.axelrod@gmail.com
A very funny, smart, and touching film. It's nicely written, with some prime Woody Allen jokes, and it's beautifully acted. Patricia Clarkson is indelible, but everyone in the film is terrific. This...

Whatever Works

By cookingjoan
Fun, light, hilarious. Don't miss it. Great acting. Good message....


By Supreme Being
Larry David & Woody Allen , WOW! It's taken me years to actually like Woody Allen movies, but this one is one of his best and he has officially gained a fan for life. Larry David is a comic...


By bunnyhops6
I thought the movie sucked....

Whatever Works

By movies9831
Funny, cerebral. Clearly it was Hal David saying Woody Allen's words. Perfect for a half-hour movie - if it was longer it would have been a bit too much of the same....

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Rated PG-13 | For sexual situations including dialogue, brief nude images and thematic material
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Common Sense Media says Tepid adult comedy is no Allen masterpiece.
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