You can't handle the truth

By watchandsee
Written March 29, 2007
Had to drive all the way to Austin to see the movie, but well worth it. The sexual dialogue was strong but very funny. Fast paced dialogue so have popcorn in hand before the movie starts.
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What Love is

By tohos
Written March 24, 2007
I got the message of the movie. I can see how most people won't. 95% of the world has no idea what love really is and if you have no idea what it is then you probably won't recognize it when you see it. Most people believe that love is what they feel for a person. Love is not about what you feel; it is how you want the person you love to feel. When you care about another person more than you care about yourself then that is Love and that is the message in this movie. It is how most people feel for their children, most people would rather die before allowing harm come to their child.
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