W.G. Fay

Worked With

Year Name Title
1948 Ralph Truman Oliver Twist
1948 Francis L. Sullivan Oliver Twist
1948 Henry Stephenson Oliver Twist
1948 Anthony Newley Oliver Twist
1948 Henry Edwards Oliver Twist
1948 Peter Bull Oliver Twist
1948 Robert Newton Oliver Twist
1948 Kathleen Harrison Oliver Twist
1948 Diana Dors Oliver Twist
1948 Maurice Denham Oliver Twist
1948 Gibb McLaughlin Oliver Twist
1948 Alec Guinness Oliver Twist
1948 Hattie Jacques Oliver Twist
1947 Geoffrey Keen Odd Man Out
1947 Robert Newton Odd Man Out
1947 Dan O'Herlihy Odd Man Out
1947 Cyril Cusack Odd Man Out
1947 Eddie Byrne Odd Man Out
1947 Robert Beatty Odd Man Out
1947 Denis O'Dea Odd Man Out
1947 Kathleen Ryan Odd Man Out
1947 James Mason Odd Man Out
1947 Marcel Dalio Temptation Harbour
1947 George Woodbridge Temptation Harbour
1947 Kathleen Harrison Temptation Harbour
1947 Simone Simon Temptation Harbour
1947 Robert Newton Temptation Harbour
1947 John Salew Temptation Harbour
1947 Edward Lexy Temptation Harbour
1946 Greta Gynt London Town
1946 Kay Kendall London Town
1946 Petula Clark London Town
1941 Michael Rennie The Patient Vanishes
1941 James Mason The Patient Vanishes
1941 Gordon McLeod The Patient Vanishes
1941 Felix Aylmer Spellbound
1941 Derek Farr Spellbound
1941 Gibb McLaughlin Spellbound
1941 Frederick Leister Spellbound
1941 Henry Edwards Spring Meeting
1941 Margaret Rutherford Spring Meeting
1941 Basil Sydney Spring Meeting
1937 Greta Gynt The Last Curtain
1937 Gus McNaughton Storm in a Teacup
1937 Eliot Makeham Storm in a Teacup
1937 Cecil Parker Storm in a Teacup
1937 Arthur Wontner Storm in a Teacup
1937 Vivien Leigh Storm in a Teacup
1937 Rex Harrison Storm in a Teacup
1933 Tom Walls Blarney Kiss
1933 Robert Douglas Blarney Kiss
1933 Robert Horton Blarney Kiss
1933 Ben Welden General John Regan
1933 Henry Edwards General John Regan
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