west side story greatness!!

By graceme100
Written November 10, 2011
west side story is a classic, all should see it and transport themselves to a simpler time. yes it's gangs dancing and fighting...who does that? but underneath that is a message of desire for a better tomorrow. it you watch it let yourself be transported to great songs and a great storyline.
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A most beautiful film!

By stopmo
Written December 21, 2012
Wonderful film! Wonderful presentation from the Egyptian theater. One of the best theaters ever. Too bad there was only one screening. I would go again. Catch it the Aero theater: [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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West Side Story at Kips Bay 11/9/11

Written November 10, 2011
I had seen the restored print earlier this year at the TCM Film Festival at the Egyptian Theater. The experience last night via Fathom was a disaster at the above theater. I had 7 people including myself and told them what a treat they were in store for. The audio was so bad, it was difficult to hear the music and singing. I got up, complained once, was told they would correct. Nothing happened. The quality of the screen was poor, very dark, colors not presented well. 3/4 of the way into the film, the screen started to break up (during One Hand, One Heart - stopping every few seconds. SOmeone finally went up into the projection booth and all of a sudden, the sound came up, speakers were being used, ambiant sounds were heard But it was too late. To all who raved seeing this great film and enjoyed, happy for you, but trust me, you have not seen a definitive WSS. I have also complained to TCM for their role in presenting this as a restored print. By the way, we were given our money back.
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Greatest Musical of All Time

By crh0315
Written November 10, 2011
I loved the interviews in the beginning. The movie was fantastic in its digitally remastered form. The disk was broken a shuffled a few times but it was still great on the big screen!
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West Side Story

By Axanjr
Written June 17, 2008
One of the best silent movies done in a long time. Being a fan of the arts I always have a special attraction to seeing amazing dance styles done in a story-telling fasion. As a dancer myself, I truly admire the art and sophistication of this genre.
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