Greatest musical ever

By Dragon_Director
Written April 30, 2014
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West Side Story-The Classic that Never Grows Old:

By mpol
Written August 03, 2015
West Side Story is a movie that I never tire of seeing over and over and over again. It always feels fresh and new, like I'm seeing it for the very first time. Although it's fiction, it's closer to reality, in that the story behind it reveals a number of things that are played out in real life, even today (i. e. urban gang warfare, racial-ethnic tensions, people crossing the racial/color/ethnic/religious barriers, falling in love, dating, and even marrying.), that are quite relevant. It's especially fabulous when viewed on a great big, wide movie theatre screen, in a real movie theatre, where it seems to take on a magical, almost 3-dimensional quality. As a devout fan of this great classic who attends every screening of WSS that comes to a reasonably close movie theatre, I also attended the 50th year anniversary with a friend 3 years ago, here in Boston. We loved every moment of it.
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West Side Story

By wyfavoritemovies
Written November 20, 2010
To see a masterpiece like this on the 70mm big screen with restored sound is an offer not to pass up. I was just a baby when this movie came out, but we had the album of the sountrack and before I ever saw the movie, I already knew all the words to all the songs of the amazing Leonard Berstein music. The first time I think I saw the movie, it was on black and white tv with commercials! Since then, of course I've seen the movie many times and with each time discover another clever nuance and appreciate the sheer perfection of the timing, music, lyrics, and especially the choreography. Jerome Robbins was a genious and the movements are timeless. I did have a chance to see it once before on the big screen in Westwood Village in the late 80's. It was in limited release for the 25th anniversary. Having George Chakiris there to speak and answer questions was also something very special. I only wish I thought to bring the original album (which I kept for 50 years) to ask him to autograph!
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By kmskms96
Written March 24, 2013
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West Side Story

By Zil1600rEiD
Written April 23, 2015
Haven't seen it since I went to the movie theater with my boyfriend in 1961 when it first opened.
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