Great 50th Annivisary Presentation!

By mima4747
Written November 14, 2011
What a wonderful evening! The 50th Anniversary Showing of West Side Story was so very enjoyable. As a freshman in high school 49 years ago my twin sister & I saw the movie 4 times. Although my husband & I own the movie & watch it at least once a year, the Big Screen viewing was so much fun. It brought back many great memories. We felt a kindred energy in the theatre with the others who attended this special showing. The taping of George Chekaris, Russ Tamblin, and the others was very entertaining. We are very happy to have attended this 50th Annivisary Presentation
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West Side Story

By MongoLikeCandy
Written April 08, 2017
Really great to see on a big screen, once the Cinemark theater where I saw it worked out the bugs in its digital projection. I don't even like musicals very much, but every song in this show is great. Terrific choreography by Jerome Robbins on actual NYC streets. Russ Tamblyn is the most athletic movie musical dancer I've ever seen. Hasn't aged as badly as I thought it would, despite the absence of a single black face in the entire film.
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Review of West Side Story

By thecflesch
Written April 10, 2017
WSS puts Romeo and Juliet in NYC in the 1960s. Through Sondheim's lyrics and Shakespeare's story prototype, we follow the tragic love story of Tony and Maria. Tony is associated with the street gang called the Jets, while Maria's brother Bernardo is leader of the Sharks. The Sharks are made up of Puerto Rican immigrants, while the Jets are Polish-Americans. Tensions run high and lead to a final rumble. Riff, Jet leader, meets with Bernardo at a school dance to plan the rumble. It is in the gymnasium where the dance is being held that Tony and Maria first meet. The plot line continues to follow Romeo and Juliet fairly closely. Spoiler alert: everyone dies. A lot of shadows and low saturation, mixed with dramatic long shots during musical numbers, create the atmosphere of doomed young love. For those familiar with Romeo and Juliet, the ending is inevitable, but the change of scenery still creates interest. The actor who portrays Riff and the actress who plays Anita steal the show.
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West Side Story

By NancyGuz
Written November 10, 2011
This was such a pleasure to see on the big screen. I've seen it many times and own a copy but have never had the full movie experience. I took my boyfriend who has NEVER seen it. I was so jealous that he got to see it for the first time on the big screen! He enjoyed it as much as I did. Fantastic crowd...people were applauding after the great dance much fun to be around people who have the same appreciation that you do for classic film!
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greatest musical

By cattlady
Written November 10, 2011
I saw this movie 50 years ago at a theater when it first came out, It has withstood the test of time, and is still just as great today.
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