Wesley Snipes
Date of Birth
Jul 31, 1962
Birth Place:
Orlando, FL

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Mel Gibson The Expendables 3
2014 Jet Li The Expendables 3
2014 Sylvester Stallone The Expendables 3
2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger The Expendables 3
2014 Robert Davi The Expendables 3
2014 Antonio Banderas The Expendables 3
2014 Kelsey Grammer The Expendables 3
2014 Harrison Ford The Expendables 3
2010 Robert Davi Game of Death
2010 Ernie Hudson Game of Death
2009 Ethan Hawke Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Vincent D'Onofrio Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Lili Taylor Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Will Patton Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Ellen Barkin Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Richard Gere Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Don Cheadle Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Robert John Burke Brooklyn's Finest
2007 Charles Dance The Contractor
2006 Cybill Shepherd Hard Luck
2006 Mario Van Peebles Hard Luck
2005 Henry Czerny Chaos
2005 Ryan Phillippe Chaos
2004 Kris Kristofferson Blade: Trinity
2004 Eric Bogosian Blade: Trinity
2004 Parker Posey Blade: Trinity
2004 John Michael Higgins Blade: Trinity
2004 Callum Keith Rennie Blade: Trinity
2002 Kris Kristofferson Blade II
2002 Ron Perlman Blade II
2002 Linda Fiorentino Liberty Stands Still
2002 Oliver Platt Liberty Stands Still
2002 Hart Bochner Liberty Stands Still
2002 Michael Rooker Undisputed
2002 Ving Rhames Undisputed
2002 Fisher Stevens Undisputed
2002 Peter Falk Undisputed
2001 John Leguizamo Zigzag
2001 Elizabeth Peña Zigzag
2001 Oliver Platt Zigzag
2000 Maury Chaykin The Art of War
2000 Donald Sutherland The Art of War
2000 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa The Art of War
2000 Anne Archer The Art of War
2000 Michael Biehn The Art of War
2000 CCH Pounder Disappearing Acts
2000 John Amos Disappearing Acts
1998 Stephen Dorff Blade
1998 Donal Logue Blade
1998 Udo Kier Blade
1998 Kris Kristofferson Blade
1998 Mary Alice Down in the Delta
1998 Esther Rolle Down in the Delta
1998 Alfre Woodard Down in the Delta
1998 Al Freeman, Jr. Down in the Delta
1998 Vanessa Williams Futuresport
1998 Tommy Lee Jones U.S. Marshals
1998 Irène Jacob U.S. Marshals
1998 Robert Downey, Jr. U.S. Marshals
1998 Joe Pantoliano U.S. Marshals
1998 Kate Nelligan U.S. Marshals
1997 Samuel L. Jackson Happily Ever After Fairy Tales: Pied Piper
1997 Tate Donovan Murder at 1600
1997 Diane Baker Murder at 1600
1997 Ronny Cox Murder at 1600
1997 Alan Alda Murder at 1600
1997 Diane Lane Murder at 1600
1997 Julian Sands One Night Stand
1997 Thomas Haden Church One Night Stand
1997 Ming-Na Wen One Night Stand
1997 Kyle MacLachlan One Night Stand
1997 Nastassja Kinski One Night Stand
1997 Robert Downey, Jr. One Night Stand
1997 Amanda Donohoe One Night Stand
1996 Danny Glover America's Dream
1996 John Leguizamo The Fan
1996 Benicio Del Toro The Fan
1996 Robert De Niro The Fan
1996 Patti D'Arbanville The Fan
1996 Ellen Barkin The Fan
1995 Chris Cooper Money Train
1995 Jennifer Lopez Money Train
1995 Robert Blake Money Train
1995 Aida Turturro Money Train
1995 Woody Harrelson Money Train
1995 Robin Williams To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Julie Newmar To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Chris Penn To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Jerry Orbach To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Stockard Channing To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 John Leguizamo To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Patrick Swayze To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Melinda Dillon To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Blythe Danner To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Arliss Howard To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
1995 Lamont Johnson Waiting to Exhale
1995 Mykelti Williamson Waiting to Exhale
1995 Gregory Hines Waiting to Exhale
1995 Dennis Haysbert Waiting to Exhale
1995 Whitney Houston Waiting to Exhale
1995 Angela Bassett Waiting to Exhale
1995 Giancarlo Esposito Waiting to Exhale
1994 Andy Romano Drop Zone
1994 Gary Busey Drop Zone
1994 Michael Jeter Drop Zone
1994 Joe Dallesandro Sugar Hill
1994 Ernie Hudson Sugar Hill
1994 Clarence Williams III Sugar Hill
1994 Abe Vigoda Sugar Hill
1994 Vondie Curtis-Hall Sugar Hill
1993 Seymour Cassel Boiling Point
1993 James Tolkan Boiling Point
1993 Dennis Hopper Boiling Point
1993 Lolita Davidovich Boiling Point
1993 Paul Gleason Boiling Point
1993 Viggo Mortensen Boiling Point
1993 Valerie Perrine Boiling Point
1993 Dan Hedaya Boiling Point
1993 Denis Leary Demolition Man
1993 Sylvester Stallone Demolition Man
1993 Melinda Dillon Demolition Man
1993 Bob Gunton Demolition Man
1993 Nigel Hawthorne Demolition Man
1993 Jack Black Demolition Man
1993 Sandra Bullock Demolition Man
1993 Benjamin Bratt Demolition Man
1993 Michael Chapman Rising Sun
1993 Kevin Anderson Rising Sun
1993 Ray Wise Rising Sun
1993 Sean Connery Rising Sun
1993 Mako Rising Sun
1993 Harvey Keitel Rising Sun
1993 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Rising Sun
1993 Steve Buscemi Rising Sun
1993 Tia Carrere Rising Sun
1992 Bruce Greenwood Passenger 57
1992 Elizabeth Hurley Passenger 57
1992 Tom Sizemore Passenger 57
1992 Rosie Perez White Men Can't Jump
1992 Woody Harrelson White Men Can't Jump
1991 Annabella Sciorra Jungle Fever
1991 Frank Vincent Jungle Fever
1991 Halle Berry Jungle Fever
1991 Ruby Dee Jungle Fever
1991 Brad Dourif Jungle Fever
1991 Ossie Davis Jungle Fever
1991 John Turturro Jungle Fever
1991 Spike Lee Jungle Fever
1991 Anthony Quinn Jungle Fever
1991 Tim Robbins Jungle Fever
1991 Samuel L. Jackson Jungle Fever
1991 Michael Imperioli Jungle Fever
1991 Lonette McKee Jungle Fever
1991 Queen Latifah Jungle Fever
1991 Ice-T New Jack City
1991 Judd Nelson New Jack City
1991 Mario Van Peebles New Jack City
1991 Chris Rock New Jack City
1991 Henry Harris The Waterdance
1991 Helen Hunt The Waterdance
1991 Elizabeth Peña The Waterdance
1991 John Forsythe The Waterdance
1991 William Forsythe The Waterdance
1991 Eric Stoltz The Waterdance
1990 David Caruso King of New York
1990 Steve Buscemi King of New York
1990 Giancarlo Esposito King of New York
1990 Laurence Fishburne King of New York
1990 Harold Perrineau, Jr. King of New York
1990 Christopher Walken King of New York
1990 Samuel L. Jackson Mo' Better Blues
1990 Giancarlo Esposito Mo' Better Blues
1990 Denzel Washington Mo' Better Blues
1990 Spike Lee Mo' Better Blues
1990 Rubén Blades Mo' Better Blues
1989 Corbin Bernsen Major League
1989 Tom Berenger Major League
1989 Charlie Sheen Major League
1989 Margaret Whitton Major League
1989 Andy Romano Major League
1989 Rene Russo Major League
1989 Dennis Haysbert Major League
1989 Dr. Haing S. Ngor Vietnam War Story: The Last Days
1988 Tate Donovan Vietnam War Story 2
1986 Rachel Ticotin Critical Condition
1986 Jon Polito Critical Condition
1986 Joe Mantegna Critical Condition
1986 Richard Pryor Critical Condition
1986 Ralf Bode Critical Condition
1986 Rubén Blades Critical Condition
1986 Sylvia Miles Critical Condition
1986 Joe Dallesandro Critical Condition
1986 Garrett Morris Critical Condition
1986 John Mahoney Streets of Gold
1986 Ángela Molina Streets of Gold
1986 Klaus Maria Brandauer Streets of Gold
1986 James Keach Wildcats
1986 Ann Doran Wildcats
1986 Woody Harrelson Wildcats
1986 Mykelti Williamson Wildcats
1986 Jan Hooks Wildcats
1986 Goldie Hawn Wildcats
1986 Swoosie Kurtz Wildcats
1986 M. Emmet Walsh Wildcats
1986 Gloria Stuart Wildcats
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