*MUST* see Were The World Mine

By looshlikes
Written November 28, 2008
This film is a breath of fresh air. Incredibly well-made--technically and emotionally. A very smart script, a soundtrack to die for and a cast of stars in the making. RUN, don't walk, to see this film in theatres NOW. And trust me, you'll be going back to see it again.
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A must see!

By ktbaxter
Written December 12, 2008
Poignant and joyous at the same time, I put off seeing it for several weeks. Immediately after seeing the movie I went home and bought the soundtrack from iTunes, that was how good it is. I never cared overmuch for Hedwig so those comparisons left me ambivalent. It was only through the word of mouth, that I overcame my reticence in braving the Holiday crowds, and boy, am I glad I did. I'm going to see it again this weekend. I'm already anxious for the DVD.
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