Well-directed and thought provoking movie

By cnolte23
Written January 22, 2012
A well-directed and thought provoking movie that looks at the old nature vs. nurture debate. I really loved the mothers memory sequences that are mixed in throughout the film are both gritty and realistic. Dad is in complete denial about the boy’s frightening nature. While Dad is at work all day, Mom’s home dealing with the boy terrorizing her. Dad thinks mom is delusional and blames her for the problems. Dad often acts like a big kid himself, playing video games with the boy and dismisses the bad behaviors as, “that’s just what boys do.” Very interesting look at society, parenting and family dynamics.
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You have never

By Spanishfly20
Written January 27, 2012
Second Time watching it, I, for the first time in life am speechless about a film. I have never been mentally disturbed about a film. I love it.. You will be talking about Kevin. The actors give you more than the suspension of disbelief, you forget is a film. So Realistic, and brutal.
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We Need to Talk About Kevin

By chaseburgala
Written February 15, 2012
Its funny that I like this movie as much as I did, considering both the plot and the story, itself, left a little to be desired. Both seemed kinda tired and not very original. So, what did I like? The photography of this film was incredible. Bone chilling images lurked around every corner that boasted a stark sound design, as well. The movie had this milky dream quality to it and it made you empathize with Tilda Swinton's character in her current state and in her flashbacks. Then there was the acting...which was superb. I forgot, for most of the movie, that Tilda is a Brit. At times she was beautiful and other times, downright homely. Ezra Miller did a fine job as the evil Kevin. Although his deed (at the end) was a bit out of the realm of reality for me, Ezra did a fine job portraying Kevin as an embodiment of evil. He's the closest to Javier Bardem's portrayal of Anton Chigurh (my personal favorite form of evil) that I've seen since Anton, himself.
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We Need to Talk about Kevin

By discerningwill
Written March 26, 2012
I want my money back! This movie was so painful to watch that we walked out halfway through. So much psychopathology and disfunction on the part of the mother. Why would anyone want to witness this unless they were paid to, and thought they could help. It amazes me that movies like this are made and people actually want to watch them. I made a mistake by not reading a review first, which I usually don't do because it can jade me, and I'd rather go into a movie without any preconceptions. A mistake not to this time. Does Regal have a refund or credit policy for movies that provide the opposite of entertainment and/or education? I spent $21 on what was a painful evening that took hours after to shed the emotional hook. My girlfriend was even worse off. Arggg I'm amazed that others are innured enough to this kind of disfunction and abuse to be attracted to this kind of experience. Or, maybe everyone reacted nearly the same way we did? I'd like to know.
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Tilda Swinton is perfectly cast..........

By Nacho Baggo
Written May 15, 2012
As are all 3 of the "Kevin" actors. Kevin is deeply disturbed and lashes out in the worst ways, but I feel disconnected and unemotional through most of it. The tension didn't build for me. Director Lynne Ramsay tells a jagged story; back and forth. In this film, keeping up is not relative as Kevin is evil from day one. Time doesn't change his demeanor. This sad film seems to have a hopeless ending, but I was surprised about Kevin's final words that wraps it up in an elementary fashion. Oscar fans need to see Swinton as she will earn a nod in February. All others should see the PIRATES film!
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