We Need to Talk About Kevin Synopsis
A woman (Tilda Swinton) must deal with the aftermath of her son's horrific act.
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Well-directed and thought provoking movie

By cnolte23
A well-directed and thought provoking movie that looks at the old nature vs. nurture debate. I really loved the mothers memory sequences that are mixed in throughout the film are both gritty and...

We Need to Talk About Kevin

By chaseburgala
Its funny that I like this movie as much as I did, considering both the plot and the story, itself, left a little to be desired. Both seemed kinda tired and not very original. So, what did I like?...

You have never

By Spanishfly20
Second Time watching it, I, for the first time in life am speechless about a film. I have never been mentally disturbed about a film. I love it.. You will be talking about Kevin. The actors give you...

We Need to Talk about Kevin

By discerningwill
I want my money back! This movie was so painful to watch that we walked out halfway through. So much psychopathology and disfunction on the part of the mother. Why would anyone want to witness...

Not What I Thought It Would Be, But Well Acted

By TheQueenB
Had high hopes for seeing this Friday the 13th, & after all the + reviews, but it wasn't as good as I hoped. The beginning was confusing & complex, making me think I would not be able to follow much...

Tilda Swinton is perfectly cast..........

By Nacho Baggo
As are all 3 of the "Kevin" actors. Kevin is deeply disturbed and lashes out in the worst ways, but I feel disconnected and unemotional through most of it. The tension didn't build for me. Director...

We Need To Talk About Kevin

By RHuckabay
This is my all-time favorite book, and the movie really didn't come close to doing it justice. I thought maybe it was just that my expectations were too high, and that maybe my husband would like it...

Produced Conversation

By arsmith817
A dark movie that produced a lively discussion afterward, one of which what was the cause of Kevin's behavior (time of birth, DNA, parental, a desire for control, all of the above, etc.)....

We Need to Talk About Kevin

By Peneflix
Tilda Swinton is "Eva Khatchadourian" an accomplished adventure writer, deliciously in love with her husband "Franklin" (John C. Reilly, shines), the mother of "Kevin"; the "mother" of the...

We Need to Talk About Kevin

By camburn320
My college roommate sent me this book from Ca. and I couldn't put it down. I sent it on to one of my sisters in Mi. and she as well as my other two sisters loved it. The movie followed the book...

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Rated R | For Disturbing violence/behavior, some sexuality and language
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Common Sense Media says Bleak film about disturbed teen is difficult to watch.
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