A Sad, Beautiful, and Important Film

By WinstonSmith
Written February 10, 2009
No, WENDY AND LISA is not the mindless, upbeat fantasy that most of the other reviewers seemed to expect that it would be (didn't they watch the preview?). Instead, it is a poignant and courageous examination of the grim economic conditions in a declining United States. Thank goodness that a few artists, such as the director of this movie and the actress Michelle Williams, can address these realities in a compassionate way, and thus take up for the impoverished, the homeless, and the disenfranchised...groups that the very people who dissed this movie may soon be joining. WAKE UP AMERICA, YOUR COUNTRY IS GONE.
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The joke is on me....the audience

Written December 24, 2008
This has got to be one of the LAMEST excuses EVER for a movie. It is not even worthy of TV time. SPOILER ALERT: Homeless girl on a tight budget and a junk car heads to Alaska. The car breaks down in Oregon. Girl tries to steal dog food because of said tight budget. Girl gets arrested and dog that was tied up while she was in jail goes missing. The ENTIRE movie was girl trying to retrieve her dog back while working with a security guard and the local pound. The girl finds dog and he is in a good foster home. She is broke because her car broke down so she leaves the dog in the new nice home with a nice backyard. Homeless girl walks down railroad tracks in defeat. The end. Painfully bad script. Save yourself and your money.
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A Quiet but Moving Film

By movingpicture
Written December 09, 2008
This is a movie that haunted me. In the midst of an otherwise routine day, I would suddenly recall a moment from this subtle independent film and be struck by a deep sadness. The film, in fact, ends on a poignant but certainly not hopeless note. Michelle Williams' portrayal of Wendy, a young self-sufficient woman who nevertheless is rootless, is a very fine piece of acting; she inhabits the character fully and makes it her own. The film does contain certain dramatic narrative moments but its heart and soul are rooted in a beautiful, realization of a person, Wendy, and her relationship with her beloved canine, Lucy, and the world at large. It is also about knowing when to sacrifice one's own desires for the better of another person, or in this case, of a dog. All of the actors shine in this movie but it is front and center Michelle William's film and she does herself and the writer and director proud!
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wendy and lucy a wonderful moving film

By saenz-movies
Written January 17, 2009
the movie was a wonderful and moving film. the film "an unqualified triumph" and that "Williams gives a prodigiously focused and resourceful performance." the director of the film Ms. Reichardt makes palpably, tragically real what it means to be struggling at the very edge of the economic abyss. WENDY AND LUCY is political to the bone but without any of the usual grandstanding. I believe the film is a keenly observational look at the increasing struggle to just get through the day. With a riveting, delicate performance by Michelle Williams, the film builds to something enigmatic and moving. I totally recommend people to see this beauty of a wonderful film so go see it
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Lovely Film for a Small Audience

By heddache
Written March 15, 2009
I really enjoyed it but wouldn't recommend it to most people. Only if you enjoy quiet, contemplative, understated movies where it's more of an experience of a time, place, character or circumstance. If you enjoy films that don't give you everything and you get to wonder about all that isn't spelled out for you, this film is for you. Michelle Williams was wonderful, gave a performance that was mysterious and touching, vulnerable yet tough. In many ways this is the very definition of a small, independent film. Enjoyed by few, but for those who enjoy it it's a gift.
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