What parents need to know

Parents need to know that English crime thriller Welcome to the Punch (the title refers to a location where the final showdown takes place) has plenty of cops-and-robbers-style violence, with guns, shooting, fighting, punching, dead bodies, explosions, and some blood. The main character is shot in the knee during the opening scene, and the wound causes him great pain and trouble throughout the film. Language is strong, with multiple uses of "f--k," plus "s--t" and more. There's a minor, near-kiss scene, and the main character smokes one cigarette. In an interesting twist, the main character teams up with his enemy to fight a greater evil, eventually learning forgiveness. But there's still an awful lot of violence and vengeance here as well.
  • Families can talk about Welcome to the Punch's violence. Is it necessary to tell a story like this with so much shooting and killing? What's the overall impact?
  • What does the main character learn over the course of the movie? Could you have forgiven your enemy? What does it mean to forgive?
  • Many of the characters argue over whether police in England should carry guns. Would carrying guns make them safer, or would it result in more violence?
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