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A woman with Borderline Personality Disorder wins the lottery, quits her meds and buys herself a talk show on an infomercial channel where she talks and creates segments exclusively about herself.
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Welcome To Me

By haroldedye
We were looking forward to going to this movie. It was Mother's Day and we planned our whole day around it. We had to drive far since it was only open in limited engagement. Imagine our surprise...

It was tough to care about Alice

By randwhite
Much of the innovative writing was weirdly interesting ... but never quite funny or engaging. Wes Bentley's performance was stellar. That guy needs a star vehicle. The cast of supporting actors (led...


By merrell32
excellent! Kristen Wiig can do anything! Brilliant!...


By 1emsildee

Awkward and Anticlimactic

By becrivera
The movie has its moments, but is very drawn out. On a serious note, the movie sheds light psychological disorders, but not in the best way. A little mad at myself for coming out to watch it....

the best of Kristen Wiig's SNL with a dash of drama

By ejd79
"Welcome to me" is Kristen Wiig's foray into dramedy. She plays a woman suffering from borderline personality disorder who indulges her every whim, including staring in her own TV show, after winning...

only worth seeing for Alice

By katecrushing
Kristen Wiig plays this role with such delicacy and sympathy, but she's still hilarious. There's a fine balance between rich empathy and ignorant ridicule when portraying a character who is definited...

Welcome to Me

By Bje2004
Loved it....

Brilliant. Compassionate. Unexpected.

By marvinvann1963

I don't get any non-5 review

By joementum5776
Kristin Wiig absolutely kills this. She fully disappears into the character of a mentally ill woman. She's not just imitating symptoms out of a textbook. it's 100% fully formed. That's beyond...

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Rated R | For Sexual Content, Some Graphic Nudity, Language and Brief Drug Use
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Irreverent but somewhat disturbing take on mental illness.
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